2016 Hail Storm Damage in Texas Could Top $1 Billion

In March, 2016, Texas experienced one of the worst hail storms in its recorded history. Counties across the region reported $500 million in damages, including serious damage to 50,000 cars and 25,000 homes in Plano and Collin County alone.

One insurance adjuster expert interviewed by ABC affiliate WFAA claims that total damage from hail storms across February and March is expected to top $1 billion.

The enormous hail storms have put a strain on local insurance agencies. One local news report claims “there are not enough insurance adjusters, contractors, or roofers” to service all of the claims in North Texas.

Texas Hail Storm

Why is there such a strain on insurance resources? The storm in March 2016 was just the last in a series of devastating hail storms that started in February of this year.

As one industry analyst said,

“Everybody will be booked up for the next six to eight months at least but this storm will last a minimum of two years. I’ll be that long.”

Once adjusters create a final tally, damages are expected to exceed $1 billion.

Insurance Companies Setting Up Drive-Through Hail Claim Centers

In response to the devastating damage, some of the biggest local insurance agencies are setting up drive-through hail claim centers.

The Star Telegram reports that both State Farm and Allstate setup five drive-through hail claim centers across Tarrant County, which is where the worst damage occurred.

Meanwhile, roofing companies and auto body repair centers are facing enormous surges in demand. One roofing contractor claimed the phone was “ringing constantly” and that they’ve hired more people just to answer phones.

Insurance Adjusters Have Never Been More Valuable

Any time a major disaster strikes a large number of people, insurance companies face a major strain on resources. This typically leads to skyrocketing prices, lower levels of coverage, and higher deductibles.

Basically, insurance companies want to make sure you cash in on your claim with the smallest possible amount of compensation.

That’s where an insurance adjuster can help. Insurance adjusters understand insurance coverage better than any other professionals (after all, most of them used to work for insurance companies).

It’s their job to negotiate with your insurance company to help you maximize compensation according to everything listed on your plan.

Without an insurance adjuster, an insurance company can easily take advantage of you. A public adjuster helps you defend yourself and protect your assets – like your homes, vehicles, and other property.

When to Hire an Insurance Adjuster

Hiring an insurance adjuster after a hail storm like this may be the most important decision you ever make.

You pay a lot of money for your vehicle and home insurance. It’s fully within your rights to maximize compensation on that insurance.

In many cases, hiring a public adjuster is a very good idea. The general rule of thumb is that you should hire a public adjuster if you have losses of $10,000 or more.

In this latest storm, many Texans experienced losses of $10,000 or more simply through vehicle damage. When you add home damage onto that amount, it’s easy to see why public adjusters are in huge demand across North Texas.

Hiring the right claims adjuster is important. Not all adjusters are made equal. The higher your damages are, the more likely you’ll be able to attract the services of a top-quality claims adjuster.

Remember: claims adjusters are under a heavy strain in North Texas right now, and they can pick and choose the business they like.

Fortunately, ClaimsMate is here to help connect you with professional, qualified, and experienced insurance adjusters in your local area. All insurance adjusters are vetted by ClaimsMate to the highest standards of quality.

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With ClaimsMate.com, finding the perfect public adjuster has never been easier. Hire a public adjuster today to protect you from the damage caused by the 2016 hail storms in North Texas.

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