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Although no part of Texas is truly safe from weather related damages, San Antonio homeowners deal with a lot of mold, asbestos, and lead paint abatement type claims. Unfortunately, these claims are often denied or underpaid because homeowners fail to meet the guidelines stipulated in their insurance policy, which leaves them paying out-of-pocket for repairs. The good news is that San Antonio homeowners have the option of hiring a public adjuster as their advocate with the insurance company.

San Antonio Public Adjusters

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Public adjusters are insurance claims adjusters who work for the policyholder rather than an insurance company. Many homeowners may be familiar with the people who process claims from the insurance company. Those individuals are staff or independent adjusters whose job is to look out for the insurance company’s bottom line. They will look for reasons to deny or underpay a claim. Public adjusters have a different agenda altogether, and their first priority is to become an expert on the home or commercial property owner’s insurance policy to ensure the claim receives a fair and adequate settlement.

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The process of hiring an adjuster is fairly simple. A homeowner searches for a public adjuster and meets with them to discuss the case. Public adjusters have different fees and payment structures, so it is important for homeowners to find out about costs upfront. Many San Antonio area private adjusters charge a percentage of the claim payout rather than a set fee. The industry standard on that percentage is 10%, but it is important to check with each individual adjuster on his or her fees.

Once a contract is signed with a public insurance adjuster, the adjuster begins work on the claim. He or she handles all contact with the insurance company, and they hire and manage the repairs done to the home. Hiring a public adjuster gives homeowners the peace of mind that not only will their claim be handled properly, but the repairs are one less hassle on their plate. No matter what your needs are, ClaimsMate can assist you in San Antonio as well as all other areas in Texas.

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The 2016 hail and wind storms that hit San Antonio are becoming a major financial problem for the greater San Antonio region. Two storms that occurred within two weeks of each other were devastating. The damages will continue to be assessed, estimated and reviewed for next two years. The State of Texas allows for the client of an insurance company to reopen their hail and wind damage claims for a period of 24 months AFTER the claim was originally filed. So for some reason, if you think you were not compensated properly, please give ClaimsMate a call. We have the knowledge, resources, and experience to assist you through this unfortunate time in your life.

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