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Insurance claims in Cleveland can be tricky. Insurers want to pay you as little as possible – and they may use sneaky tactics to get their way.

That’s why many Clevelanders are hiring a public adjuster. A good public adjuster helps you fight back against the insurance company. You can avoid the common tactics used by insurers to limit payout. That means more money in your pocket that you rightfully deserve.

Public Adjusters Cleveland

When you buy insurance, you sign a contract with your insurance company. Unfortunately, many Cleveland insurance companies use hidden strategies to avoid abiding by that contract.

Many Cleveland policyholders have been shocked to receive a low initial settlement offer from the insurance company. Your insurance company may be offering you a fraction of what you rightfully feel owed.

Other insurance companies drag their feet. Some deny claims entirely. Some insurance companies demand excessive documentation and hope policyholders get frustrated.

That’s why our Cleveland public adjusters want to help. A good public adjuster forces your insurer to abide by the terms of that contract. You get every penny legally owed to you based on the terms of your insurance contract.

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ClaimsMate Has Experienced Public Adjusters in Cleveland OH

ClaimsMate has licensed public adjusters in Cleveland, OH standing by to assist with your claim.

The state of Ohio requires public adjusters to be licensed. All public adjusters are licensed insurance industry professionals. When you hire an adjuster through ClaimsMate, you’re getting a qualified expert with a proven track record.

Our public adjusters have secured settlements for clients up to 270% higher than what was initially offered by the insurance company.

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Public Adjusters in Cleveland

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How Do Public Adjusters Help My Claim?

Public adjusters analyze your claim, check your insurance contract, then negotiate with the insurer on your behalf to maximize the settlement.

First, the public adjuster will check your claim, verify the damages, and analyze your documentation.
Then, the public adjuster checks your insurance contract to determine how much the insurance company should cover.

Finally, the public adjuster approaches your insurance company with a fair settlement offer. The adjuster will fight to ensure you receive every penny owed to you based on the terms of your insurance contract – nothing more or less.

When to Hire a Public Adjuster in Cleveland

Typically, you hire a public adjuster in Cleveland if the disputed amount is more than $10,000.

With higher disputed amounts, you have more to gain by hiring a public adjuster. Some people save hundreds of thousands of dollars by hiring a public adjuster. For many, it’s a lifechanging decision.

Public adjusters get paid on a contingency basis. That means you don’t pay the public adjuster upfront. Like certain lawyers, public adjusters only charge payment after a settlement is reached. Once you have agreed to the insurance company’s best offer, you pay your public adjuster a pre-arrange percentage of the final settlement.

Many of our Cleveland customers agree: the moment they hire a public adjuster, it feels like an enormous weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

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Hiring a public adjuster in Cleveland can be lifechanging. ClaimsMate’s public adjusters are qualified experts. They take over your claim and fight on your behalf to secure the highest possible settlement.

That means you can be assured you receive the best possible settlement to make repairs and recover.

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