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Property owners in Dallas are increasingly turning to public insurance adjusters to secure higher insurance claim payouts. A good Dallas insurance adjuster can double or even triple the amount of money you receive from your insurance company.

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Insurance companies in Dallas can be notorious for denying or reducing claims. Some may sneak hidden terms into home insurance policies that allow them to deny virtually any claim. Others take advantage of inexperienced homeowners by lowballing them and refusing to budge.

Fortunately, a growing number of Dallas homeowners are fighting back against greedy insurance companies by hiring public adjusters. When you hire a public adjuster, you’re getting an experienced insurance industry professional dedicated to representing your needs – not the needs of your insurance company.

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How Do Public Adjusters Work in Dallas?

Public adjusters in Dallas Texas work to provide property damage claim adjustments in one of the most competitive cities in the insurance industry. An experienced public adjuster can take over your insurance claim, negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure you get the highest possible claim settlement.

Some Dallas homeowners hire a public adjuster after the insurance company has denied or reduced their claim. Other Dallas homeowners hire a public adjuster immediately after disaster strikes.

By hiring a public adjuster, you’re getting an experienced insurance industry professional. This professional is an insurance industry expert who will fight tooth and nail to secure the best possible outcome for your insurance claim:

Step 1) Analyze your claim and assesses the damages

Step 2) Negotiate with the insurance company

Step 3) Secure a final settlement offer

Once the negotiation process and settlement is complete, the Dallas public adjuster charges the policyholder a previously-agreed-upon fee. Typically, this fee ranges from 5% to 10% of the insurance payout. Because of this fee structure, public adjusters are typically only hired for claims totaling over $10,000.

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Why More Dallas Homeowners Are Hiring Public Adjusters

Most Dallas homeowners aren’t insurance experts. Unless you’ve dealt with multiple claims in the past, you may feel clueless when dealing with your insurance company.

That’s a problem when it comes to expensive insurance claims. Your house might have $100,000 of damages – but the insurance company may only be offering $15,000 to cover your claim.

A public adjuster lends expertise to your insurance claim. Many public adjusters have decades of experience working in the insurance industry. They used to work for the insurance company before switching to ‘the other side’ and representing the general public.

When you file an insurance claim, you’re going to be dealing with an adjuster from your insurance company. This adjuster is different from a public adjuster: your insurance company’s adjuster typically wants to reduce your claim as much as possible. Their goal may be to pay policyholders like you the lowest amount they are legally obligated to pay according to the terms of your insurance contract.

A Dallas public insurance adjuster, meanwhile, works differently. A Dallas public adjuster represents you – not the insurance company. A public adjuster’s goal is to secure every penny legally owed to you by your insurance company.

Some of the advantages of hiring a public adjuster in Dallas include:

  • Instant access to insurance industry expertise
  • Final claims settlements typically average 2 to 3 times higher than the insurance company’s initial offer
  • Locally-based public adjusters experienced in your unique type of claim in Dallas
  • Avoid being taken advantage of by an insurance company
    A ‘weight off your shoulders’ as the public adjuster takes over all negotiations with your insurance company
  • Hire an expert with decades of experience in home insurance claims, business insurance claims, and more

Ultimately, a good Dallas public adjuster can help obtain more money needed to recover at a time when you need it most. Some Dallas homeowners have had their claims denied by their insurance companies, only to hire a public adjuster and secure a payout. For many, hiring a public adjuster is – quite literally – a life changing decision.

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How to Hire a Public Adjuster in Dallas

ClaimsMate is Texas’s leading public adjuster company. We have a team of licensed public adjusters dedicated to serving customers throughout Dallas and the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex area.

Our public adjusters have decades of experience serving Dallas policyholders like you. In fact, many of our public adjusters have firsthand experience with your unique type of claim – whether it’s a claim for wind damage, fire damage, tornado damage, flood damage, hail damage, or anything else that affects Dallas property owners.

Our public adjusters may even have experience working specifically with your insurance company. Some have contacts within Dallas’s major insurance companies, which can make the negotiation process infinitely easier.

For all of these reasons, our public adjusters have a better chance of securing a higher claim for Dallas property owners like you. Contact ClaimsMate today and discover why policyholders have doubled or even tripled their insurance payouts by working with our experienced public adjusters in Dallas. Free initial consultations are always available with ClaimsMate.

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