Dallas Public Adjusters For Insurance Claims

Homeowners in Dallas had another increase in their insurance premiums in 2014, and the state has done little to protect homeowners. This is the reason Dallas residents need a Dallas Public Adjuster. Texas operates by the ‘file and use’ system, which means an insurance company only has to notify the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) of the rate increase, and then it can start charging its customers more. If TDI rejects the rate increase, which rarely happens, the insurance company just lowers the rate to its previous amount. The problem with this is that the rates keep going up and the coverage keeps going down. Dallas homeowners who suffer heavy weather damage from high winds and ice storms each year pay more money only to have many of their claims denied.

Locate a Dallas area Public Adjuster

This scenario is why a public adjuster is valuable to have when filing a claim. Public adjusters are experts on insurance claims, and they handle the process from beginning to end. Once a homeowner meets with an adjuster, the adjuster contacts the insurance company and works out the details of the claim, ensuring the homeowner gets the correct payout. After negotiating with the insurance company, a public adjuster hires a contractor and oversees any repairs needed. Homeowners don’t have much to do once they hire a public adjuster.

Dallas public adjusters are licensed, and many have worked in the industry for years. Most start as staff or independent adjusters for insurance companies, so they are familiar with how the process works, and what the insurance company will do once they receive a claim. Dallas adjusters tend to charge a 10% fee from the total claim payout, but there are some who charge a flat rate up front or an hourly rate for their services. Although there seems to be little regulation of the insurance industry in favor of homeowners, Dallas public adjusters can help homeowners get the most from their claim.

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