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Property owners in Oklahoma are increasingly turning to public insurance adjusters to maximize insurance claim payouts. A good public adjuster negotiates with your insurance company on your behalf to secure the highest possible settlement offer for your claim.

Oklahoma City Public Adjusters

ClaimsMate is here to help with public adjusters across Oklahoma. Our public adjusters are available to help with insurance claim adjusting in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and other major cities across the state; however, we also have qualified, licensed public adjusters to help in smaller towns from Boise City to Sallisaw, Oklahoma.

Our licensed public adjusters have combined decades of experience helping property owners in Oklahoma get better settlement offers from insurance companies. In many cases, public adjusters can double or even triple your payout. That means two to three times more money for your claim at a time when you need it most.

Remember: insurance companies in Oklahoma are for-profit businesses. Their goal is to pay you the lowest amount they are legally required to pay on every claim.

That’s why a growing number of Oklahomans are fighting back against greedy insurance companies by hiring a public adjuster.

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How Do Public Adjusters Help With Claims in Oklahoma?

Oklahoma City Public AdjustersPublic adjusters in Oklahoma use a proven process to handle insurance claims.

Some Oklahoma property owners hire a public adjuster after the insurance company has denied or reduced a claim. Others hire a public adjuster immediately after experiencing a major loss.

Public adjusters are typically only used for cases where a significant amount of money (more than $10,000) is being disputed between the property owner and the insurance company.

Here’s how most public adjusters in Oklahoma work:

Step 1) Analysis: The public adjuster analyzes your claim and assesses the damages.

Step 2) Negotiation: The public adjuster negotiates with your insurance company.

Step 3) Settlement: The public adjuster secures a final settlement offer.

If you are happy with the final settlement offer from your insurance company, then the public adjuster’s role is done. You only pay when you accept the insurance company’s final offer.

How Much Does a Public Adjuster Cost in Oklahoma?

All Oklahoma public adjusters will disclose their fees before they start the negotiation process. Typically, public adjusters charge a percentage of the final settlement from your insurance company. This fee will be discussed upfront and usually ranges from 5% to 10%, which is why public adjusters are usually only hired for claims totaling over $10,000.

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The Oklahoma Insurance Department requires all insurance adjusters working within the state of Oklahoma to have a license. Licenses are available to residents and non-residents of Oklahoma. Applicants must study a detailed insurance textbook, then pass an in-person exam. Many adjusters will take classes to prepare for the exam.

Because of this licensing process, you can rest assured you’re working with qualified public adjusters. When you hire a licensed public adjuster in Oklahoma, you’re getting the best possible public adjuster for your unique needs.

With ClaimsMate, our public adjusters are licensed and experienced professionals with a proven track record of securing higher claims for clients.

Wherever possible, we also try to connect property owners with public adjusters who have firsthand experience with each claim. If you are making a hail damage insurance claim, for example, then we want to connect you with one of our public adjusters with extensive experience in dealing with hail damage insurance claims.

For all of these reasons, ClaimsMate and our public adjusters give Oklahoma property owners the best possible insurance claim outcomes.

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Our public adjusters are available throughout the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metropolitan areas as well as all large and small cities across the state of Oklahoma. We can start working on your claim immediately.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can get paid by your insurance company.

Remember: you pay nothing upfront. Public adjusters work on a contingency basis, which means you only pay after you have accepted the final settlement offer from your insurance company.

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