Denton Public Adjuster

When property damage occurs, the burden of proof falls to the homeowner if they want to file a claim with their insurance policy. That means that homeowners have to investigate the cause of the damage, read through their policy and make sure that it’s covered, provide written statements and photos of the damage, and fill out all forms required to process the claim. Fortunately, Denton public adjusters are experts at taking care of those details, and they can help simplify a homeowner’s claim.

Locate a Denton TX area Public Adjuster

Public adjusters are professionals in the insurance industry who work for homeowners. Unlike staff or independent adjusters, public adjusters are not paid by the insurance company, and they are not interested in helping save the insurance company money. Their job is to process a homeowner’s claim so that the homeowner receives a full payout. They handle all of the details from negotiating with the insurance company to hiring a contractor and managing repairs.

Most adjusters charge their fees in one of three ways. The most common way is as a percentage of the claim payout. Texas laws dictate that public adjusters can’t charge more than 10% of the claim payout. The second type of fee structure a public adjuster might use is a flat fee. Public adjusters usually charge flat fees if they prefer to have their fees up front rather than when the claim payment occurs. The final structure is an hourly rate, but Denton public adjusters tend to avoid this method. Because they can’t charge more than 10% of the claim amount regardless of the structure they use, it makes more sense to use one of the other two.

If you’ve recently experienced damage to your property and feel overwhelmed by your insurance policy, a public adjuster may be able to help. It is best to hire them for situations that are complicated. They will manage the details for you, and you can get back to living your life.

Sometimes we have family that lives in a different city in Texas. Luckily for those family members we can assist them as well. We have a database full of public adjusters from all over Texas.