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A growing number of Memphis, Tennessee policyholders are choosing to hire public adjusters to manage their insurance claims. A good public adjuster can double or even triple your insurance payout over the amount initially offered by your insurance company.

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Is your insurance company dragging its feet? Has your insurance company submitted a disappointingly low initial offer? Did your insurer deny your claim completely?

Whatever the situation may be, a good public adjuster can increase the payout from your insurance company. Public adjusters also negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf, allowing you to obtain the best possible outcome for your claim.

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At the end of the negotiation process, public adjusters charge a pre-arranged fee based on the final settlement amount. Aside from this fee, there are no additional charges, and most public adjusters charge no fees upfront.

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How Can A Public Adjuster in Memphis Help?

Public adjusters in Memphis are a proven way to secure a higher payout from your insurance company. Some of the advantages of hiring a public claims adjusting professional in Memphis, Tennessee include:

  • Get an experienced negotiator
  • Fight for the coverage legally owed to you by your insurance company
  • Take a load off your shoulders and let an experienced expert take over the negotiation process
  • Hire an expert who specializes in wind, hail, roof, storm, or flood damage, among other claims
  • Only pay after accepting the final offer from your insurance company

Many public adjusters are former insurance specialists. They used to work for insurance companies in Memphis – now they’re working for ‘the good guys’ like you. They use their decades of insurance industry expertise to put pressure on insurance companies, negotiating higher settlements and achieving better outcomes for policyholders.

How Do Public Adjusters Work?

Public adjusters in Memphis will vary their approach based on your unique insurance claim. Some public adjusters are uniquely experienced in a specific type of claim – like flood claims or storm damage claims. Others are generalists with a proven ability to maximize the payout of every claim they handle.

Here’s how public adjusters typically work:

Step 1) Assess the situation and analyze the insurance contract
Step 2) Analyze the loss to determine the value that should be covered
Step 3) Negotiate with the insurance company to achieve the highest possible settlement for the policyholder

Using their insurance industry expertise, public adjusters can achieve higher settlements for policyholders like you. They keep insurance companies honest and ensure you receive every penny legally owed to you based on the terms of your insurance contract.

How to Hire a Public Adjuster in Memphis

ClaimsMate is your source for finding an expert public adjuster in Tennessee. Our Memphis public adjusters are locally-based and have extensive experience dealing with all types of insurance claims.

In fact, many of our public adjusters have firsthand experience working with Memphis’s leading insurance companies. Using their contacts and unique expertise, they’re able to achieve the highest possible payouts for policyholders.

Hire a public adjuster in Memphis, Tennessee today with ClaimsMate. We specialize in wind damage, hail damage, roof damage, storm damage, flood and water damage, and all other types of events for homeowners and business owners across the Memphis metropolitan area.

Contact ClaimsMate today. One of Memphis’s leading public adjusters can start working on your claim immediately.

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