Ohio Public Insurance Adjusters

Filing an insurance claim in Ohio can be difficult.

Insurance companies often challenge a claim at every step of the way. They may request excessive documentation, only to deny your claim or offer a disappointingly low settlement offer.

Today, many Ohioans are taking a different approach: they hire a public adjuster.

Ohio Public Adjusters

Public adjusters are licensed by the state of Ohio to help policyholders handle and negotiate insurance claims for property damage with dedication to protecting the insured’s best interests.

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A good public adjuster handles your entire insurance claim from beginning to end. A good public adjuster fights for a fair settlement.

Studies have shown that Americans who obtain assistance from a public adjuster can get a settlement offer that’s up to 270% higher.

Plus, most public adjusters in Ohio work on a contingency basis, which means they only charge the client after the client has accepted the final settlement.

A public adjuster’s job is to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to obtain a better settlement. The adjuster will fight to ensure clients receive every dollar owed to them by the insurance company – nothing more or less.

ClaimsMate Has Experienced, Licensed Public Adjusters in Ohio

Ohio Public Adjusters

Our public adjusters in Ohio are experienced, licensed professionals. They have a proven track record of securing higher claim payouts for clients.

Our public adjusters can spring into action immediately. They can analyze your claim, determine fair compensation, then approach the insurance company.

By hiring a public adjuster, you show the insurance company you mean business. Many clients are surprised to discover that insurance companies in Ohio expect you to decline the initial settlement offer. That’s why they offer a ‘lowball’ offer first.

A public adjuster helps you fight back. Equipped with decades of industry knowledge and experience, Ohio public adjusters flip insurers’ tactics against them.

In fact, many public adjusters in Ohio used to work for insurance companies. Today, these professionals work for the public. They know the tactics Ohio insurers use to maximize profit – and they fight against these tactics on behalf of policyholders like you.

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When to Hire a Public Adjuster in Ohio

Public adjusters typically work on cases where the disputed amount is greater than $10,000. The larger the disputed amount, the more you could gain by hiring a public adjuster.

You can hire a public adjuster for any type of insurance claim in Ohio, although they are most frequently hired for property damage insurance claims – like homeowners insurance claims.

How do ClaimsMate’s public adjusters in Ohio get paid? Adjusters charge a percentage of the final settlement offer. They work on a contingency basis, which means they only get paid after you accept your insurance company’s settlement. Once you accept the settlement, you pay the public adjuster a pre-arranged percentage of that settlement.

Because of this compensation system, you and your public adjuster both gain, while your insurance company loses. You can get a much higher settlement. Your public adjuster receives fair payment for services. And your insurer is forced to pay the amount they’re obligated to pay based on your insurance contract.

How Ohio Public Adjusters Help Policyholders

Public adjusters will analyze your insurance claim, pore over your insurance contract, then approach your insurance company with a reasonable settlement offer.

Public adjusters apply their knowledge, skills, and expertise to your claim. They understand the tactics insurance companies use to limit settlement payouts. They also understand how to avoid those tactics.

Overall, public adjusters navigate complex insurance claims. They reduce errors, improve efficiency, and maximize payout.

Many of our customers agree: after hiring a public adjuster, it feels like a weight has been lifted from their backs.

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Is your Ohio insurance company dragging its feet? Are you disappointed by your insurer’s initial payment offer?

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Contact ClaimsMate today. We have proven public adjusters standing by.

Our public adjusters can help you earn a settlement that’s often 270% higher than the settlement initially offered by your insurance company.

That means more money to repair and recover at a time when you need it most.

ClaimsMate’s Ohio public adjusters are happy to provide a free consultation.

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