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ClaimsMate’s public adjusters are available throughout the city of San Angelo. Our public adjusters are licensed across the state of Texas and eager to get started on your claim.

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A ClaimsMate public adjuster can speed up your insurance claim, maximize payout, and overturn a denied insurance claim.

If you have a disputed insurance claim worth more than $10,000, then it may be in your best interest to hire a public adjuster. In many cases, public adjusters can increase insurance payout by 200% to 300% over the amount initially offered by your insurer.

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Texas Public Adjusters For Property Damage Claim Assistance

Many San Angelo homeowners are surprised to encounter problems with their insurance claim. You buy insurance to cover property damage, yet many insurers deny claims or reduce payout when you need insurance the most.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are worse today than they have ever been before. They deny claims more frequently, reduce payouts, and demand excessive evidence. Even if your claim is completely legitimate, you may need to wait months for approval.

A San Angelo public adjuster helps you fight back against greedy insurance companies.

When you hire a public adjuster in San Angelo with ClaimsMate, you get an experienced expert on your side throughout the claim process. Our public adjuster handles your claim, negotiates with the insurance company on your behalf, and fights for the highest possible amount of compensation.

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How Public Adjusters Work in San Angelo, Texas

ClaimsMate’s public adjusters in San Angelo, Texas have firsthand experience helping homeowners with insurance claims. They live and work in the community, giving them unique insight into how insurance companies operate.

ClaimsMate public adjusters specialize in multiple areas. Whether dealing with a house fire, storm damage, or water damage, you get an experienced specialist on your side.

Areas of specialization for public adjusters in San Angelo, Texas include:

  • Water damage
  • Storm damage
  • Fire damage
  • Flood damage
  • All other types of property damage

Generally, you hire a public adjuster when the disputed amount is worth more than $10,000. If your insurer has denied a major insurance claim or offered a less-than-fair amount, for example, then it may be in your best interest to hire a public adjuster in San Angelo, Texas.

If you choose to hire a public adjuster, that adjuster will review your claim, analyze the property damage, and determine the fair amount of compensation based on the contract signed with your insurance company. The public adjuster will approach your insurance company to speed up payment, maximize the settlement offer, and ensure you receive every penny owed.

For payment, public adjusters use a contingency fee system. They set a pre-arranged percentage rate upfront, and you don’t pay anything until you accept the final payout from your insurer. All fees are transparent and discussed long before the public adjuster starts on your claim.

ClaimsMate provides free consultations with no obligations, making it easy to see how a public adjuster helps you.

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