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Get a licensed public adjuster to help with your claim in Freeport, Texas by requesting a quote through ClaimsMate today. We’re Texas’s leading public adjuster search service. Within minutes, you can get in touch with a qualified public adjuster serving Freeport, Texas.

ClaimsMate was founded with a simple goal: we wanted to help policyholders in Texas get connected with qualified, licensed public adjusters. Today, we maintain a network of public adjusters across the state, including in big cities like Houston and small towns like Freeport.

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Many Texans – particularly in the southeast part of the state – know the pain of dealing with insurance companies. From hurricanes to tornadoes to hailstorms, Texas storms can leave a trail of destruction. You depend on your insurance company to protect you when things go wrong. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

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How Public Loss Adjusters in Freeport Can Help

Our Freeport, TX public adjusters are highly-qualified professionals with a proven track record of maximizing compensation for clients. These professionals have an intimate understanding of insurance contracts. They understand how insurance companies work – including the tricks they pull to reduce claim payouts. Many of our Freeport public adjusters used to work for insurance companies before switching over and representing the public.

Public adjusters will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. They’re professional negotiators who fight tooth-and-nail for a higher settlement offer. Public loss adjusters don’t charge fees upfront; instead, you only pay after you accept the final settlement from your insurance company. At this point, a public adjuster will typically charge a fee of 5% to 10% of the final compensation.

Some Freeport, TX policyholders hire a public adjuster when they encounter a conflict with their insurance company. Other policyholders hire a public adjuster immediately after a loss. A public adjuster will manage all aspects of your insurance claim regardless of whether there’s a conflict with your insurance company. They provide incredible peace of mind while taking a load off your back.

Why You May Need A Freeport Public Adjuster

Ultimately, all of these advantages lead to one big benefit: public adjusters in Freeport, Texas can increase your claim by up to 70% higher than the initial offer from your insurance company. That means more money in your pocket at a time when you need it most. Locate a Freeport, TX public adjuster today with ClaimsMate by filling out our easy online form.

Our coverage area includes all residents within the city of Freeport and surrounding communities in Brazoria County. Whether you’re directly in Freeport or in nearby towns like Quintana, Surfside Beach, or Oyster Creek, we’re confident we can connect you with a qualified public adjuster in your area.