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Get expert help for your insurance claim in Phoenix by contacting a public adjuster with ClaimsMate. Frustrated by your insurance claim? Overwhelmed by a complicated property damage issue? Disappointed by your insurance company’s settlement? Our Phoenix public adjusters can lend their expertise to your insurance claim.

Phoenix Public Adjusters

Hire a public adjuster in Phoenix today to defend yourself against greedy insurance companies. Insurance companies use their own adjusters who often challenge and weaken your claim. Many Phoenix homeowners fight back by hiring a public insurance adjuster.

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Public Insurance Adjusters are licensed by the Arizona Department of Insurance and Financial Institutions. They’re qualified insurance industry professionals with a proven reputation for handling claims. A good public adjuster can speed up your claim, maximize your payout, and simplify a complex insurance claim in Phoenix.

Our Phoenix public adjusters specialize in all of the following fields:

  • Fire damage claims
  • Hail damage insurance claims
  • Wind damage claim adjustments
  • Roof damage property insurance claims
  • Property damage appraisals
  • Flood, storm, and water damage insurance disputes

Why Contact A Local Phoenix Public Insurance Adjuster?

Our expert public adjusters are available in Phoenix to provide free initial consultations. During an initial consultation, a public adjuster can explain how their expertise could help with your insurance claim. Our public adjusters are qualified to handle your specific type of insurance claim, and most public adjusters have firsthand experience dealing with your specific type of property damage claim in the Phoenix metro area.

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Advantages of hiring a Phoenix public adjuster with ClaimsMate include:

The Best Local Public Adjusters: ClaimsMate connects you with public adjusters based right here in Phoenix, which means you get local public adjusters with every claim. Our local public adjusters understand the unique challenges faced by property owners. Many also have firsthand experience dealing with local insurance companies and their representatives. That means a smoother claims process and expert assistance.

Save Money: A good public adjuster can help you save a significant amount of money. Avoid being ripped off by an insurance company. Hire a ClaimsMate public adjuster to defend yourself and stand up for your rights.

Work With Your Schedule: Property damage claims can wreak havoc on your schedule. ClaimsMate’s public adjusters work with your schedule.

Expert Claims Help: When you hire a public adjuster, you get a trusted industry professional who can answer your claims questions and provide leading insight on complex claim situations. Property damage insurance claims can be complicated, and public adjusters can help.

Public Adjusters in Phoenix

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How Phoenix Public Adjusters Work

Public adjusters are licensed by the state of Arizona to handle insurance claims on behalf of clients. Public adjusters are claim experts who specialize in insurance disputes. Many public adjusters have a lengthy background in the insurance industry, working for insurance companies before switching to ‘the other side’ to represent clients like you.

Your insurance company has its own adjusters. Your insurance company’s adjusters are dedicated to protecting their employer’s bottom line. They’re salaried employees or independent contractors of your insurance company. Their focus is often to challenge your claim, reduce your payout, and pay you as little as legally possible for your claim.

A public adjuster represents you – not your insurance company. When you hire a public adjuster in Phoenix, you get a trusted insurance professional who can represent your side of the insurance dispute. This professional has a proven history of solving complex insurance disputes. Their goal is to maximize your payout, speed up your insurance claim, and ensure you receive every penny of compensation owed to you.

It may or may not be in your best interest to hire a public adjuster in Phoenix. Most public adjusters work on complex cases or cases where the disputed amount is more than $10,000. ClaimsMate offers free consultations to determine how a public adjuster could help your Phoenix property damage insurance claim.

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What to Expect from your Phoenix Public Adjuster

Many Phoenix policyholders agree: after hiring a public adjuster, they feel a great sense of relief. They know an expert is on their side representing their own best interests. Hiring a public adjuster can be a life-changing decision. It could be the difference between a denied insurance claim and a six-figure payout.

When you hire a public adjuster in Phoenix, you’re hiring an expert who can navigate the complex claims process, avoid the traps set by insurance companies, and help you emerge from the other side with more money in your pocket.

A public insurance adjuster will analyze the claim and property damage, pore over your contract, and determine the fair amount of compensation owed to you based on the terms of the contract. The public adjuster negotiates with the insurance company on your behalf to secure the highest possible amount of compensation.

Public adjusters are generally paid on a contingency basis, which means you don’t pay until you accept your insurer’s final offer. All public adjuster fees are previously agreed upon upfront, and public adjusters are required to be transparent. It’s common for public adjusters to charge a 10% fee of the final payment from the insurer or 25% of the ‘new money’ added to your claim. Aside from this fee, most public adjusters do not charge anything else for their services. Most customers don’t pay anything upfront.

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ClaimsMate connects you with a highly qualified public adjuster to answer questions and arrange a free consultation.

Whether you’re in Phoenix or anywhere in the greater Phoenix metro area, you can get expert insurance help from from ClaimsMate.

Contact ClaimsMate today to schedule a free consultation with a trusted public adjuster who can increase the compensation you receive for your insurance claim, overturn a denied claim, speed up the settlement process, and negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf to get the claim settlement you deserve.

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