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Anyone who has ever filed an insurance claim is probably familiar with the term “adjuster.” These are the people who process, investigate, and determine the fate of an insurance claim with the insurance company. Most of them are staff adjusters, which means they are on the insurance company’s permanent payroll, but some of them are independent, which means they work freelance. Either way, the insurance company pays them, so their goal is to pay out as little of the insurance company’s money as possible. This can leave Plano homeowners in a bind if they suffer damage from severe weather and this is the time they might need a TDI Licensed Plano Public Adjuster

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Plano residents have the option of hiring a public adjuster to help them ensure their claim is paid in full. A public adjuster works for the insured, and they investigate and negotiate the claim with the insurance company. They are experts at getting claims paid because they’ve been in the insurance industry long enough to know how the system works. They know what forms the insurance company needs, and they know how to take pictures of the property damage.

Public adjusters aren’t needed for all claims. Simple claims with a straightforward policy can be handled by the homeowner without the need to spend additional money. But, for those claims that are long and complicated, a public adjuster can simplify it by handling it from the beginning. The public adjuster will even oversee the needed repairs. This frees up the homeowner for other projects.

Texas law stipulates that public adjusters can’t charge more than 10% of the claim payout, so most adjusters follow the industry standard of 10%. Some choose to charge an upfront fee in case the claim doesn’t get paid out. Whatever their fees, a Plano public adjuster will put it in writing and present it at the first meeting. Homeowners with property damage should contact a public adjuster to uncover all of their options.

Looking for a public adjuster in another Texas city? We have adjusters located all over the State of Texas. Click here: Find a reliable TDI Licensed Texas Public Adjuster.

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