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Dealing with property damage insurance claims in Arizona can be complicated. An Arizona public adjuster simplifies your claim and helps fight for a fair claim settlement. ClaimsMate has experienced public adjusters in Arizona who provide expert assistance for your insurance claim.

Arizona State Public Adjusters

Public adjusters are independent professionals who work for you. They’re not affiliated with an insurance company: they represent your best interests.

Public adjusters speed up an insurance claim, maximize claim payout, and simplify every aspect of a claim. ClaimsMate’s qualified public adjusters are licensed across the state of Arizona. They can work on small and large claims. They’re proven and experienced, and our public adjusters have a long track record of getting results for clients.

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Public adjusters are the only adjusters that represent you – not your insurance company.

The three types of insurance adjusters in Arizona include:

  • Public Insurance Adjusters work on your behalf and are unaffiliated with any insurance company. They’re also known as private adjusters or public adjusters.
  • Independent Adjusters are those who contract their services to insurance companies and represent the insurance company’s best interests.
  • Company Adjusters are salaried employees of your insurance company. Also known as staff adjusters, their goal is to protect the insurer’s bottom line.

Public Adjusters are the only adjusters that work on behalf of the policyholder. Independent adjusters and company adjusters may often weaken your claim, negotiate to lower your settlement, and challenge your claim at every step. Public adjusters fight back, representing your best interests throughout the claims settlement process.

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How Arizona Public Adjusters Help with Property Damage Insurance Claims

Homeowners hire public adjusters for expert assistance with property damage insurance claims. If your property is damaged in a covered event, then you can choose to work with the insurance company’s adjusters. Or, you can hire your own public adjuster.

In most cases, hiring a public adjuster in Arizona leads to significantly higher insurance settlement payouts.

Arizona requires all public adjusters to be licensed before handling claims for clients. As part of the licensing process, Arizona requires public insurance adjusters to meet certain professional standards. Anyone who serves as an adjuster in any capacity must be licensed by the state of Arizona.

Public adjusters are the most beneficial for large insurance claims or complicated claims. Some homeowners hire public adjusters after the insurance company denies their payout. Others hire a public adjuster after being disappointed by a settlement offer that is too low to make repairs. Some hire a public adjuster at the start of the claim to expertly handle the claim from start to finish, maximizing payout.

If you have questions or think you may need help with an insurance claim, talk to an Arizona Public Adjuster for a free claim review and get valuable insight about your specific claim.
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Cost of Hiring an Arizona Public Adjuster

Public adjusters in Arizona have different pricing systems based on their experience and qualifications. Most public adjusters charge a percentage of the claim payout. Typically, public adjusters charge 10% of the entire claim amount or 25% of the new money amount. ‘New money’ is the amount of money above and beyond the initial payout offered by your insurance company (or already paid by your insurance company).

All public adjuster fees are discussed and agreed upon upfront. Public adjusters are required to be transparent with their fee structure. Most public adjusters in Arizona also work on a contingency basis, which means you don’t pay until you accept your insurer’s final payout.

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ClaimsMate has public adjusters to serve all major cities and metro areas in Arizona. Our public adjusters are proven, locally-based, and experienced. Most public adjusters have firsthand knowledge of your specific type of claim, including water damage claims, storm damage claims, fire damage claims, and other property damage claims.

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