Business Interruption Insurance Coverage for COVID-19 Coronavirus: What to Expect

Closed Business Interruption Insurance Claims Coronavirus

The COVID-19 coronavirus has wreaked havoc on businesses across the United States. Many businesses expect to receive business interruption coverage with an insurance claim. Insurance companies, however, aren’t sure they are obligated to cover these claims. Nobody knows what will happen with each specific claim filed. COVID-19 business interruption coverage is going to be a […]

The Anti-Concurrent Causation Clause: Their Effects On Insurance Claims & How It Works

Concurrent Causation Tornado and Flood Damage

Many homeowners’ insurance policies have an anti-concurrent causation (ACC) clause. This single clause can play a crucial role in the insurance claims process. For some homeowners, this simple clause has been the difference between a $100,000 payout and a $0 settlement. Today, we’re explaining everything you need to know about the anti-concurrent causation clause, including […]

Business Owners Policy: Everything You Need to Know About BOPs & How They Work

Insurance Business Owners Policy Claims

A business owners policy (BOP) is a package policy for small businesses. That ‘package’ includes both commercial property and general liability insurance. Insurance companies that cater to small businesses will offer a BOP. Generally, small businesses must meet certain requirements to qualify for a BOP – like work in certain industries or be under a […]