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Texas is a conservative state, especially when it comes to protecting consumers. In the event that you need to file a property damage claim, you can always hire someone to handle it for you. A Texas Public adjuster is a professional who will work with you and your insurance company until a claim is complete. They are not affiliated with an insurance company, and their primary goal is to ensure that you receive the full payout from your policy. There are three types of insurance adjusters you will come across in Texas, and which one you get is entirely up to you. Texas Public insurance adjusters are those who work for you and have no affiliation with insurance companies. Independent adjusters are those who contract their services to insurance companies. Company adjusters work for the insurance company directly, so their priority is to the company’s bottom line.

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You can choose to work with the insurance company’s adjusters or you can hire your own. Texas requires all public adjusters to be licensed, and they also require adjusters maintain their license with 15 hours of continuing education. This is less than most other states that require continuing education, but the process of getting approved for a license is a little more rigorous than other states. Not all claims are appropriate for a public adjuster. In general, a public adjuster is for large claims, those complicated with fine print that doesn’t serve you as the policyholder, or if you plain just don’t feel like messing with insurance companies. Smaller claims are better handled with the help of an insurance company adjuster because the cost is greater than the convenience in most cases. Adjusters in Texas typically follow the percentage of claim payment fee structure. In rare cases, an adjuster may charge a flat rate or an hourly rate, but the industry standard is to bill consumers 10% of the entire claim amount or 25% of new money (new money is additional money above and beyond what your carrier has already paid out. The fee percentage will never exceed 10% of the total value of the claim).

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Although we at ClaimsMate use our decades of experience to screen the proper public adjuster for you specific situation, you may want to do your own due diligence when doing a background check of any Public Adjuster. Here is a valuable resource for that research.

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