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Hiring a public adjuster in Galveston, Texas is easy thanks to the team at ClaimsMate. We’re a local Houston company with public adjusters serving policyholders across the city of Galveston and surrounding communities.

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No matter what type of insurance claim you’re dealing with, you can depend on a public insurance adjuster, also known as private adjusters, to represent you against your insurance company. Some Galveston policyholders hire a public adjuster when they get into a dispute with their insurance company. Other policyholders hire a public adjuster immediately after experiencing a loss.

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A public adjuster can provide insurance claim help to solve a specific dispute. Or, the adjuster can manage all aspects of your claim from beginning to end, regardless of whether there’s a major dispute with your insurer.

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Why Galveston Residents Hire A Public Adjuster

The reason is simple: with help from a public adjuster, a policyholder can earn compensation that is much greater than the amount initially offered by your insurance company. That could mean tens of thousands more dollars for your claim at a time when you need it most.

Galveston homeowners rely on public insurance adjusters to achieve the highest possible compensation. A public adjuster doesn’t try to take advantage of your insurance company. Instead, a public adjuster’s goal is to get the maximum amount of compensation you’re legally owed according to the terms of your contract.

Without a public adjuster, many Galveston homeowners get taken advantage of. An insurance company knows many policyholders are naïve. They might use stipulations like “wind-driven rain” to argue against your flooding or water damage claim, for example.

Whether your claim has been denied or you just experienced a loss, it’s in your best interest to hire a public adjuster. When you need to hire a public adjuster in Galveston, TX, look no further than ClaimsMate.

How ClaimsMate Helps With Insurance Claims

ClaimsMate is Texas’s leading public adjusting service. We provide services in all major cities in Texas. Whether you’re located directly in Galveston or in any surrounding community, we have qualified public adjusters ready to handle your claims. Our public adjusters have proven experience handling client claims. Our adjusters have a long track record of helping clients maximize insurance company settlements.

Many of the independent public adjusters in our network have been chosen for their local experience. We prefer working with public adjusters who have a long history of representing Galveston homeowners, for example. These public adjusters have a proven track record of helping Galveston homeowners maximize compensation on flooding claims, hurricane claims, storm damage claims, fire, smoke and other cases.

No matter what type of claim you’re dealing with, our customers agree on one thing: after hiring a public adjuster, it feels like an enormous weight has been taken off your back. A public adjuster works for you against your insurance company, which means you can move forward with confidence while a skilled professional deals with your insurance company.

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