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About Claimsmate

We’re a one-of-a-kind company with a singular vision in mind. We’re on a quest to help educate the general public, by providing the most supportive and advantageous information possible for filing insurance claims and navigating the insurance claim process. To thousands, ClaimsMate.com is the nation’s most trusted provider of insurance claim information and Public Insurance Adjusters.

Keeping the insurance company’s damage reimbursement honest, fair and timely, while helping the entire insurance claim process go as smoothly as possible – that is our specialty. We are passionate about our clients, their current battle with their insurance carrier, and helping each and every one of them reach a successful claim settlement.

We know from experience that a good Public Adjuster can change a property owner’s financial life and have a huge impact on their future. So, our mission is to help the greatest number of people find the highest quality Private Adjuster that can help with their specific situation. We succeed in doing this through our own unique methods of connecting struggling and upset clients with caring, motivated, and well experienced public adjusters in Texas and across the nation.

Here’s how we make sure you have the right Private Adjuster for your situation

Fill out our simple form with the details of your current insurance claim situation to get expert assistance from a public insurance adjuster. Some good things to include are:

  • What are the property damages or loss that occurred?
  • What caused the property damage? (wind, hail, flood, fire, theft, etc.)
  • How long has the insurance claim been open?
  • Do you feel the reimbursement or a settlement offer should have been higher?
  • What is your total estimate of damages?

Really any and all information you can give us will be helpful in evaluating your insurance claim and providing the best claims adjusting service for your situation.
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ClaimsMate Public Adjuster Services

ClaimsMate will review your information and insurance claim details, then a state licensed, expert public insurance adjuster will provide a free insurance claim evaluation if we are able to help.

We are dedicated to helping policyholders receive fair treatment and the full compensation they deserve under the terms of their insurance policy. Whether it be a small residential property damage claim, or a large commercial property claim, research has shown that this often requires the expertise of an insurance claim professional on your side – to assist with claim adjustments and ensure you are fully indemnified. At ClaimsMate we work very hard to make the entire process of recovery and finding a public adjuster as easy and straightforward as possible.

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