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If you live in the Fort Worth area, one of the biggest concerns as a homeowner is damage due to wind or hail. Insurance companies who pay a lot of the same type of claims sometimes raise their premiums, and adjust their coverage verbiage to make it harder for homeowners to receive a payout if they file a claim. When damage occurs, hiring a TDI Licensed Fort Worth Public Adjuster can make the process much smoother, while ensuring a fair claim settlement.

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Public adjusters work for you, and they negotiate your claim with your insurance company. They handle the entire claim from top to bottom, so the only thing you have to worry about is getting on with your life. Most public adjusters have reasonable fees, too. They all follow one of three payment structures. The first structure is the most common, which is a percentage of the claim payout. Texas law limits that percentage to 10%, so it should never exceed that amount. The second structure is less common, but some adjusters use this if they aren’t certain they can get your claim paid out. In those cases, the adjuster charges an upfront, flat rate for their services. The final option is the least common because it can be more expensive than the others, and it is an hourly rate.

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As a homeowner, you want to make sure that you receive the full payout of your claim to complete repairs. Insurance companies count on the fact that homeowners aren’t experts on their policies, and through various loopholes and missed documents, these companies get away with underpaying claims. Fort Worth public adjusters know the same tricks, and they negotiate on your behalf to make sure the insurance company pays your claim. If you’ve experienced property damage, contact a public adjuster and see how they can help you with your claim.

If you have a friend that lives in another location in Texas, they are in luck. We have happy and professional TDI Licensed Public Adjusters all over Texas.

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