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Hiring a public adjuster for your Columbus insurance claim can be lifechanging.

A good public adjuster can secure a payout 2x to 3x higher than the payout initially offered by your insurer. That means more money in your pocket at a time when you need it most.

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ClaimsMate’s public adjusters proudly serve policyholders across the city of Columbus, Ohio. Our public adjusters use their unique skills and expertise to secure higher payouts. That means more money for policyholders like you.

Insurance claims can be tricky. Many Columbus insurance companies use devious tactics to deny claims. They might demand excessive documentation, for example. Some drag their feet. Many insurers offer disappointingly low initial settlements because they expect policyholders to deny the first offer.

Insurance can be a dirty business. That’s why ClaimsMate’s public adjusters in Columbus want to help.

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ClaimsMate Has Proven Public Adjusters in Columbus

ClaimsMate’s public adjusters have combined decades of industry experience. Many Columbus public adjusters have previously worked for the insurance companies they now fight against. They know the tactics these insurance companies use to limit payouts. They also know how to defeat these tactics.

When you hire a ClaimsMate public adjuster, you’re getting a licensed insurance professional with a proven track record of maximizing insurance claims for clients.

Our public adjusters perform a straightforward job. They analyze your insurance claim, check every detail of your insurance contract, and then arrange the best possible payout based on that insurance contract.

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Your insurer wants to pay you the least amount legally possible based on the terms of your insurance contract. A public adjuster works the opposite way, fighting to secure every dollar legally owed to the policyholder.

When to Hire a Public Adjuster in Columbus

Columbus policyholders should consider hiring a public adjuster if the disputed amount is worth more than $10,000.

The larger the disputed amount, the more the policyholder has to gain from hiring a public adjuster.

Most public adjusters work on property damage insurance claims – like homeowners insurance claims. However, you can hire public adjusters for any high-value insurance claim.

One thing that’s clear: when customers hire a Columbus public adjuster through ClaimsMate, they feel like a weight has been lifted from their shoulders. A skilled public adjuster takes over your case, then fights for every dollar legally owed to you by your insurer.

What Do Columbus Public Adjusters Do?

Each claim is different. Our Columbus public adjusters use their decades of experience to decide the best approach for your insurance claim.

It starts with an inspection of the property damage and an analysis of the claim. The public adjuster will analyze your situation and assess the damages.

Then, the Columbus public claims adjuster will pore over your insurance contract, analyzing every word to distill its meaning and ambiguities.

Based on the adjuster’s analysis of the damage and the insurance contract, the adjuster will approach the insurance company with a fair settlement offer. The public adjuster will negotiate with the insurer on your behalf to secure the highest possible settlement.

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ClaimsMate public adjusters work on a contingency basis. They don’t charge any fees upfront. You only pay your public adjuster after you have accepted the final settlement offer from your insurance company, at which point you pay a pre-arranged percentage fee of the final settlement. You get more money in your pocket, your public adjuster gets paid, and your insurer is held responsible for the legal insurance contract they signed.

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ClaimsMate has public adjusters in Columbus, Ohio standing by to handle your insurance claim.

Contact ClaimsMate today to setup a free consultation with a skilled, experienced public adjuster near you. We serve all corners of Columbus, OH and the greater Columbus metropolitan area.

A good public adjuster can fight for compensation that’s legally owed to you. In some cases, policyholders can earn a settlement up to 270% higher than the payout initially offered.

Take a load off your shoulders. Hire a public adjuster in Columbus, OH today.

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