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Insurance claims can be tricky – and most policyholders are inexperienced. They’ve never filed an insurance claim before.Unfortunately, insurance companies in Cincinnati may try to take advantage of that inexperience. They offer low settlement payouts, for example, or demand excessive documentation to frustrate or delay policyholders.

That’s why more Cincinnatians are hiring public adjusters.

Public Adjusters Cincinnati

A public adjuster is a licensed insurance industry professional who works on your side and represents your needs during an insurance claim. Your insurance company has its own adjuster. That adjuster’s goal is to pay you as little as legally required. A public adjuster works for you to secure the highest possible settlement.

ClaimsMate’s public adjusters in Cincinnati can secure settlements up to 270% higher than the initial payout offered by your insurance company.

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The state of Ohio requires public adjusters in Cincinnati to be licensed. All ClaimsMate public adjusters are licensed, experienced insurance industry professionals with a proven track record of maximizing claims for clients.

Our customers agree: hiring a public adjuster takes a load off the shoulders. When you hire a public adjuster, that public adjuster takes over your claim, working determinedly to secure the highest possible payout.

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Public adjusters are paid on a contingency basis. You only pay after accepting the final settlement offer from your insurance company, at which point the public adjuster takes a pre-arranged percentage of the payout.
Insurance claims in Cincinnati can be tricky. Insurers will use countless strategies to avoid paying what they’re legally obligated to pay.

Fortunately, our public adjusters know these strategies. In fact, many public adjusters once worked for insurance companies in Cincinnati. Today, they’ve “switched sides” and represent the public. They know the strategies insurance companies use to limit payout, and they’ll fight to protect policyholders from these strategies.

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When to Hire a Public Adjuster in Cincinnati, Ohio

You typically hire a public adjuster when the disputed amount is worth more than $10,000.
As the disputed amount gets larger, you have more to gain by hiring a public adjuster. For some policyholders, hiring a public adjuster is the difference between receiving a $100,000 payout – or having a claim completely denied.

Let’s face it: most policyholders are not insurance claim experts. Most policyholders will only file a handful of claims in their entire life. Some policyholders have never filed a claim before. A public adjuster helps policyholders navigate the complex world of insurance claims, ultimately securing a higher settlement for the policyholder.

How Public Adjusters Help in Cincinnati

Public adjusters play a crucial role in the insurance claims process. They have a proven ability to raise insurance claim payouts for policyholders. But how do they do it?

Public adjusters start by analyzing every facet of your claim. They check your property, verify any damages, and scour your property for any losses you may have missed.

Then, public adjusters check your insurance contract. They pore over your policy, identify ambiguous wording, and check any restrictions.

Finally, using their expert insurance industry knowledge and years of experience, public adjusters will create a desired settlement payout. The goal is to determine a payout that covers every penny legally owed to you based on the insurance contract, which is a legal document you signed with your insurer. Your insurer is legally required to abide by the terms of that contract.

The ultimate goal is to get a fair settlement for policyholders so they can recover, at a time when they need it most.

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ClaimsMate’s public adjusters are proven insurance experts with a long history of securing high payouts for policyholders.

If you have a disputed insurance claim amount worth more than $10,000, then contact ClaimsMate today. Setup a free consultation with a public adjuster in your area.

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Our public adjusters are located throughout Cincinnati, OH. The sooner you contact a public adjuster, the sooner a higher insurance payout can be in your bank account.

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