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Did your insurance company recently give you a disappointing settlement offer? Unfortunately, many Cleveland, TN residents just accept their insurer’s initial offer, not knowing they could be earning a significantly higher claim.

That’s how public insurance adjusters can help. Many Cleveland residents are now turning to public adjusters when they receive a low settlement offer from their insurer. Public adjusters are certified specialists who understand insurance law better than virtually anyone in the world. It’s their job to maximize your insurance claim by holding your insurance company accountable.

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Public adjusters work in a straightforward way: they analyze your claim, read over your contract, then approach your insurance company with an offer they think is fair. Public adjusters will negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf, constantly striving for a higher settlement. At the end of the day, your settlement offer can be several times greater than the amount initially offered by your insurer.

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Why Hire a Public Adjuster in Cleveland, TN

Cleveland, TN isn’t exactly a disaster-prone area. However, residents in and around Cleveland have experienced all sorts of hardships over the years.

Many locals have struggled to deal with their insurance company after house fires, for example. Others have been disappointed by a settlement offer after a hailstorm, or after flooding.

Why hire a public adjuster in Cleveland, Tennessee? Public adjusters are a proven way to maximize your insurance settlement offer. That means you get more money. It’s that simple.

The only “catch” to hiring a public adjuster is that you pay the adjuster a percentage of the total settlement offer – but only after you accept that offer. In many cases, public adjusters won’t charge you a dime until the settlement is complete. That means they’re constantly pushing for a better settlement. The harder they work, the more they get paid – and the more your insurance company loses.

Public adjusters clearly list their fees upfront. And, when you work with ClaimsMate, you’re working with some of the top public adjusters in Cleveland, TN.

How ClaimsMate Helps

ClaimsMate is a public adjuster quote request service available throughout Tennessee, including in Cleveland and all nearby municipalities. We offer a no-cost service that connects locals with qualified public adjusters.

After you submit a quote request through the ClaimsMate website, our team gets local public adjusters competing for your business. These public adjusters are a handpicked network of certified professionals. We pick public adjusters who run honest and legitimate businesses. More importantly, we pick public adjusters with a proven track record of winning higher settlement offers for their clients.

ClaimsMate comes with no obligations or fees: you submit a quote request through our website, then see a selection of quotes from insurance adjusters in and around Cleveland. You’re under no obligation to pick these quotes. It’s just an easy way to see what’s available.

Thanks to ClaimsMate, your Cleveland, TN neighbors have earned higher settlement offers. Whether you’ve been through flooding, fires, windstorms, or any other type of problem, ClaimsMate wants to help you get the settlement offer you deserve.

Hold your insurance company accountable for the contract they signed with you. Submit a quote request through ClaimsMate today and earn a higher settlement offer.