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Expert public insurance adjusters in Nashville Tennessee are available and ready to help with property damage insurance claims in Nashville.

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Has your insurance company denied your claim? Is your insurer dragging its feet or delaying your claim? Are you disappointed in your insurance company’s low estimate or offer? If so, then you should talk to a public adjuster in Nashville, Tennessee.

A growing number of property owners in Nashville have chosen to hire public adjusters to manage tricky insurance claims. Whether dealing with home insurance claims or commercial business claims, public insurance adjusters can increase payouts while taking a weight off your shoulders.

A public adjuster’s job is to represent you – the policyholder. They do not represent the insurance company. Their goal is to maximize the payout you receive from your insurance company. They keep insurance companies honest and prevent them from taking advantage of inexperienced policyholders.

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Why Hire a Public Adjuster in Nashville?

When you file a claim with your insurance company, your insurance company will send their adjuster to assess the claim. This adjuster’s goal is simple: to pay you the lowest possible amount legally allowed according to the terms of your insurance contract.

Your insurance company’s adjuster might deny coverage for obscure terms like ‘wind driven rain’, for example. Or, they could claim you failed to maintain your property.

Some Nashville insurance companies even take this to the next level. They take advantage of inexperienced homeowners. They might submit a lowball offer, for example, or seem to invent reasons to deny your claim. Insurance policies are confusing and complicated. When you need to file a claim and deal with an insurance company on repair estimates, applicable coverage and negotiations, it can make a huge difference to have an insurance claim expert that is fighting for your best interests throughout the insurance claim process.

Public insurance adjusters are a way to avoid much of the confusion, complications and hassle, and have an expert on your side. Public adjusters are licensed by the state of Tennessee to represent you – not the insurance company. They have your own best interests in mind. Their goal is to help policyholders with the stress and burden of complicated insurance claims, and ultimately increase claim settlements so that home and business owners can make full repairs and recover after a loss or damages.

Public adjusters get paid a pre-arranged percentage fee based on the final payout from your insurance company. Most public adjusters charge nothing upfront whatsoever. Because of this unique fee structure, hiring a public adjuster may only be worth it for claims worth over $10,000.

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How Do Nashville Public Claims Adjusters Work?

Nashville public adjusters take over your claim. Some Nashville property owners hire a public adjuster immediately after the loss. Others only hire an adjuster after encountering problems with their insurer.

Here are the basic steps a Nashville public adjuster will take when approaching your claim:

  • Step 1) The public adjuster assesses your claim and your insurance policy
  • Step 2) The public adjuster inspects your property damage and determines an estimated settlement for the cost of repairs
  • Step 3) The adjuster negotiates with your insurance company over the loss and claim settlement
  • Step 4) The adjuster secures a payout for you that is typically up to 2 to 3 times higher than the initial settlement offer
  • Step 5) The policyholder pays the adjuster a pre-arranged fee based on the final settlement

In most cases, the pre-arranged fee (typically 10% to 15%) is the only fee charged by the public adjuster. There are no upfront fees or other charges, and you don’t pay until you accept the insurance company’s final offer.

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How to Find a Public Adjuster in Nashville, TN

ClaimsMate is here to help policyholders in Tennessee get the claim adjusting help they need and deserve. Our public adjusters have years of experience solving tricky insurance problems for policyholders like you.

Contact us today to speak with a public adjuster that can help with your claim in Nashville. Our public adjusters are experienced, licensed, locally-based professionals with proven expertise. They give policyholders like you the best possible chance of maximizing the value of your claim – even doubling or tripling the amount initially offered by your insurer.

ClaimsMate is here to help. Contact a Nashville public adjuster today. We have public adjusters standing by eager to take on all types and sizes of insurance claims.

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