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Located in Texas Hill Country, Boerne is one of Texas’s most charming little towns. Founded in 1849 by Free Thinker German colonists, Boerne is the county seat of Kendall County.

Boerne Public Adjusters

Like most other cities in the Texas countryside, Boerne is no stranger to extreme weather. Summer thunderstorms can whip up dangerous tornadoes or hailstorms. Even Cibolo Creek, which runs through the center of town, experiences periodic flooding.

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All of that extreme weather means Boerne residents are familiar with dealing with insurance companies. Whether you’ve experienced home damage due to extreme weather, or you’re dealing with the after-effects and loss of income for a commercial property damage claim, you rely on your insurance companies to pay their fair share.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are in the business of making money. And the best way to make money is by paying you as little as they’re legally obligated to pay.

That’s why your insurance contract places dozens of tiny stipulations and “catches” in your contract. As you may or may not be aware, there are several situations where your insurance company isn’t obligated to pay for 100% of damages incurred to your property – even if those damages occurred due to unavoidable problems like weather.

So what can you do to stand up for yourself?

You can hire a public insurance adjuster!

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Why Hire a Public Adjuster Through ClaimsMate?

ClaimsMate’s public insurance adjusters in Boerne, Texas are highly-experienced professionals who understand insurance contracts better than virtually anyone. They will analyze your damages, look at the insurance company’s settlement offer, and analyze your contract to make sure everyone is getting a fair deal.

Their job is to make sure you’re getting every penny legally owed to you under your insurance contract.

A public adjuster doesn’t get paid until you get paid: most public adjusters work on a contingency fee basis. They won’t charge you anything until you accept your insurance company’s settlement offer. Then, they take a percentage of that settlement.

The vast majority of people who hire a public adjuster receive a significantly higher offer from their insurance company. Settlements are often 2-4 times higher than the insurer’s original offer.

When you work with ClaimsMate, you’re getting highly-qualified Texas locals who live in and around Boerne, Texas. Our public adjusters are dedicated to providing the best possible claim adjusting services in the greater San Antonio area. You get local experts with a proven record of defending property owners like you.

Public adjusters typically work on cases where there’s over $10,000 in disputed claims. Once you hire an adjuster, it’s their job to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf.

Contact us today to take a load off your shoulders. Hire an experienced public adjuster in Boerne, Texas today!

Work with an Experienced Public Adjuster in Your Area Today

The importance of a local public adjuster cannot be under-stated.

A local public adjuster knows your region. He or she will understand the unique challenges people like you face. In many cases, they’ve even dealt with situations just like yours in the past.

When you work with an experienced local public adjuster, you get an insurance industry professional on your side that can furnish the best possible outcomes for your exact claim situation.

At ClaimsMate, we’re dedicated to providing highly-qualified, locally-experienced adjusters for claims adjusting services in the greater San Antonio area. We believe this leads to better service for our customers.

Here’s the thing to remember: you’re not dealing with some minor traffic ticket. You’re dealing with big financial decisions on your valuable personal property.

Whether it’s your house, your business, or your boat, you can’t afford to have a bad public adjuster drop the ball.
In other words, hiring a good private insurance adjuster is a decision that could have lifelong effects on your personal finances.

Why ClaimsMate Public Adjusters?

ClaimsMate has several advantages over the other guys. Our highly-experienced, locally-qualified public adjusters offer all the following benefits:

  • Free Consultations for Every Client
  • Experienced Team of Public Adjusters
  • Local Expertise
  • Always On Time
  • A Larger Settlement Than what the Insurance Company Initially Offered
  • Paid on a Contingency Basis (You Pay Only When You Approve the New Settlement Offer)
  • We Work Tirelessly for You (Not the Insurance Company)

Remember: most public claims adjusters work on a contingency basis. You don’t have to pay until you approve the settlement offer. In most cases, our clients find that the settlement offer is 2-4 times higher than what the insurance company initially offered.

Insurance companies may base their initial settlements assuming you’re going to negotiate for a better settlement. Don’t get taken advantage of. Hire a public adjuster from ClaimsMate today and maximize the value of your insurance claim.

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