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Based in Houston Texas, ClaimsMate Public Adjusters provides insurance claim assistance and claims adjusting services available to residents of Matagorda, TX and all surrounding communities within Matagorda County.

Matagorda Public Insurance Adjusters

Our licensed and qualified public insurance adjusters have a proven track record of successfully representing Texas clients against their insurance companies.

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A public adjuster can handle your Matagorda insurance claim from beginning to end. These men and women are skilled professionals with firsthand experience dealing with major insurance claims. Without a public adjuster, many Matagorda County homeowners often find that insurance companies take advantage of them. With a public adjuster, however, you can relax knowing you have a skilled professional at your side.

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What Public Adjusters In Matagroda Provide

Our Matagorda public adjusters will negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf. Just like the insurance company’s own adjusters, a public adjuster will analyze your claim, check your contract, and determine a fair amount of compensation. The goal of a public insurance adjuster is to help you receive the maximum possible compensation based on the terms of your insurance contract. Meanwhile, the adjuster hired by your insurance company wants to offer the lowest amount of compensation legally required by your insurance contract.

Why Use ClaimsMate For Help With Insurance Claims Adjusting?

One of the advantages of using ClaimsMate is the fact that we are local, Texas-based public adjusters. Instead of interacting with a faceless, nationwide firm, you can interact with the same professionals your neighbors have relied on for their major claims. We’ve found this leads to better success rates and higher claims across our coverage area.

We also possess the experience needed to properly navigate all types of home and commercial property insurance claims, with public adjusters experienced in all varieties of unique claims. If you experience flood damage in Matagorda, TX, for example, then we’ll connect you with a public adjuster with firsthand experience in flood damage claims. This local experience can give you the edge you need over your insurance company.

Deciding If You Need A Public Insurance Adjuster

At the end of the day, hiring a public adjuster in Matagorda, Texas might be one of the best choices you make. A public adjuster can help you get the fair settlement needed and deserved, that’s larger than the one initially offered by your insurance company. That means more money in your pocket and more time to focus on the recovery.

Matagorda public adjusters also work on a contingency fee basis. That means they’re not paid until you accept the final settlement from your insurance company. Once you’ve accepted the settlement, the public adjuster is paid a small fee based on the final settlement amount – typically 5% to 10%. This fee is pre-arranged and covers all the costs of the public adjuster. There are no hidden fees or surcharges: just honest rates for honest work.

Today, ClaimsMate provides policyholders with the claim help they deserve from public adjusters in Matagorda, Texas and all surrounding communities. Whether you’re located in the center of town, on the Colorado River, or on the Gulf, we can provide the best locally-based public adjusters anywhere in Matagorda and Matagorda County. Fill out our simple form to speak with a licensed public adjuster in Matagorda, TX.

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