What Can We Learn From Hurricane Sandy? Bad Faith Insurance and Public Adjusters

Two years after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast, FEMA has agreed to re-open over 140,000 of the insurance claims filed by homeowners after the storm. This move comes after thousands of homeowners have made allegations of fraud against insurance companies who denied homeowners their full coverage amount, through means such as denying the existence […]

Covering Your Assets: A Beginner’s Guide to Homeowners Insurance

Many times, when people hear the word “insurance” they have one of two reactions: boredom or confusion. For something as ubiquitous at homeowners insurance, many people simply don’t know how it works, what it covers, or how it functions in the event of an emergency. Learning the basics of homeowners insurance is the first step […]

How Public Adjusters Help When Disaster Strikes

Public adjusters are insurance professionals who can increase the size of your settlement by up to 70%. But how do public adjusters actually help when disaster strikes? Here’s what you need to know before hiring a public adjuster. Most Homeowners Only Have a Vague Idea of What Their Home Insurance Covers Let’s be honest: you […]