Public Insurance Adjusters In Austin Texas Provide Claim Help

Making an insurance claim in Austin can be difficult. That’s why a growing number of Austin policyholders have chosen to hire public claims adjusters.

Public adjusters are the answer to greedy insurance companies. When an insurance company denies your claim or submits a low offer, property owners fight back by hiring a public insurance adjuster.

Public Adjusters in Austin Texas

Public insurance adjusters can help with home insurance claims, business insurance claims, and more. Our Austin public adjusters at ClaimsMate have combined decades of experience dealing with wind damage claims, hail storm damage claims, fire and smoke claims, and other types of claims common throughout Austin.

Thanks to our public adjusters in Austin, homeowners have been able to secure payouts up to 2 to 3 times higher than the payout initially offered by the insurance company. That means more money needed to recover and restore your property damage.

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How Do Public Adjusters Help With Claims in Austin, TX?

Public adjusters in Austin, TX represent policyholders like you. They don’t represent insurance companies.

When you make an insurance claim, your insurance company will assign an adjuster to your claim. This adjuster is a salaried employee of the insurance company. His or her goal is simple: to pay you the lowest amount legally possible according to the terms of your insurance contract. Insurance is a business – not a charity.

Your insurance company’s adjuster might claim the damage to your home was caused by pre-existing damage and won’t be covered. The adjuster might use terms like ‘wind driven rain’ to reduce your payout.

If your insurance company has submitted a low offer, denied your claim, or is dragging its feet, then it’s time to fight back by hiring your own public adjuster. Here’s how public insurance adjusters work:

  • Public adjusters work for you – not the insurance company
  • Their goal is to secure a higher payout from your insurance company
  • A good public adjuster can add tens thousands of dollars (or more) to your claim, even increasing payouts to 2 to 3 times over the initial settlement offer
  • Public adjusters take over the stress of your insurance claim, negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf while managing other aspects of your claim
  • The property owner only pays after accepting the final offer from the insurance company, at which point the public adjuster charges a pre-arranged fee of the final settlement (typically about 10%)

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How to Hire a Public Adjuster in Austin

ClaimsMate is Texas’s preferred public adjuster company. We have decades of experience helping property owners like you secure higher claims from large and small insurance companies.

Today, our Austin-based team of public adjusters has a reputation for giving property owners the best possible chance of securing a higher payout. Wherever possible, we assign a public adjuster to your case that has unique experience in your claim. We have wind damage and fire damage public adjusters, for example, that can fight for higher compensation.

Locate an Austin, Texas public adjuster with ClaimsMate today. Our team is standing by. We can start working on your claim immediately.

Contact ClaimsMate and discover why so many Austin policyholders have relied on us to secure higher compensation from their insurance companies. We’re proven. Setup a free consultation today and hire the best possible Austin public adjuster.

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