Public Claims Adjusters In Austin Texas

Austin homeowner claims usually revolve around roof damage thanks to high winds and damaging storms. Other issues include damage from pests, such as squirrels and raccoons. Out in the hill country, rodents can run rampant, so homeowners need insurance that will cover any of those types of damages. It’s surprising how much damage a squirrel can cause. This is where public adjusters can help homeowners get the most for their claim.

Locate an Austin Texas area Public Adjuster

Public adjusters are insurance gurus who have been in the industry for years. Most of them start out as staff adjusters, working for an insurance company and looking for ways to deny or underpay a claim. Staff adjusters get paid by the insurance company, so their goal is to take care of the company’s bottom line. Some staff adjusters go out on their own and become independent adjusters. These adjusters aren’t on the insurance company’s regular payroll, but if they want repeat business, they still need to satisfy the insurance company’s goals. A small number of staff adjusters go on to become public adjusters, which are adjusters who work for homeowners.

If you’ve experienced damage to your home and the process seems overwhelming, you may decide you should contact a public adjuster to see how they can help you. The adjuster will review your claim information and then become an expert on your policy. The next step is to negotiate with your insurance company, which the adjuster will do for you. After the adjuster secures the claim payment, he or she will hire a contractor to take care of the repairs, and oversees the entire process from start to finish to make sure it’s repaired the way you want. This frees you up for other projects, or if you’re an avid Austinite, it frees you up for bike rides, live music, and keeping things weird.