Public Adjusters in Pigeon Forge

As Pigeon Forge picks up the pieces from the devastating wildfires of November 2016, local homeowners are struggling with their insurance companies.

It’s an insurance company’s job to pay you as little as legally required. After a widespread disaster like a forest fire, insurance companies may have to pay out billions of dollars to clients across Pigeon Forge. It’s in their best interests to give you the lowest possible settlement offer.

If you’re a Pigeon Forge homeowner, then that’s not okay. Whether your home was damaged by the recent wildfires, or you’re experiencing any other type of insurance dispute, you can’t afford to accept a low settlement offer from your insurer.

Locate a Pigeon Forge area Public Adjuster

That’s where ClaimsMate can help. ClaimsMate is a no-cost public adjuster search service that helps Pigeon Forge residents get a better settlement offer.

All you need to do is submit a request through our easy online form. Then, our team will use our handpicked directory of public adjusters in Pigeon Forge to get local public adjusters competing for your business.

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Local Public Adjusters in Pigeon Forge


How a Public Adjuster Helps

What happens after you hire a public adjuster? Most of our clients across Tennessee agree: hiring a public adjuster feels like an enormous weight has been lifted off your back.

A good public adjuster helps you earn a significantly higher settlement offer. They’ll fight tooth-and-nail with your insurance company to ensure you’re paid every penny you’re legally owed on your contract.

These public adjusters take a straightforward approach to their job: they look at your claim, pore over your contract, then negotiate with your insurance company to ensure everything is being covered according to the terms of your contract.

How are public adjusters such insurance experts? Well, many of them actually used to work for insurance companies before becoming public adjusters. They have a unique view of the industry from both sides. That’s the kind of expertise you want on your side when hiring a public adjuster in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

How to Hire the Right Public Adjuster in Pigeon Forge, TN

Pigeon Forge has recently experienced devastating wildfires. After any major disaster, public adjusters will descend on a town in search of clients.

Don’t pick the first public adjuster who knocks on your door. Instead, submit a request through ClaimsMate to connect with experienced public adjusters with a proven track record of winning higher settlements for Pigeon Forge residents.

Our handpicked network of public adjusters includes locals who have firsthand experience with regional challenges. Many have helped Pigeon Forge residents win higher claims after forest fires in the past, for example. Some even worked for Pigeon Forge insurers before switching to defend the public.

Put simply, ClaimsMate’s public adjusters in Pigeon Forge know the region, they know the insurance companies, and they know how to negotiate for a better settlement.

Best of all, there’s no obligation when you fill out a quote request form. Requesting a quote through ClaimsMate is 100% free. Our no-cost service gets Pigeon Forge insurance adjusters competing for your business – which means you get the best service at the best possible price.

Whether your property was damaged by the recent wildfires, or you’re negotiating with the insurance company for other damages, ClaimsMate is Pigeon Forge’s preferred choice for finding local public adjusters. Request your free quote today.