Lubbock Public Adjuster

Public adjusters work for homeowners to help them process their insurance claims and provide everything needed to ensure a full payout. They are not attorneys, and they’re not permitted to provide legal advice, unless they have a license to practice law. A Lubbock Public Adjuster will typically deal with property damage to houses and commercial properties

Locate a Lubbock area Public Adjuster

The typical process starts with a homeowner meeting with a public adjuster. Insurance claims in Lubbok range from weather damage to theft, and public adjusters in the area are familiar with how insurance companies handle these types of claims. They review the homeowner’s situation and write up a proposal of fees. Most Lubbock adjusters use the industry standard 10% fee from the payout, but there are a few that use the flat fee and hourly payment structures. Once the homeowner signs the contract, the public adjuster begins processing the claim.

The adjuster will take pictures of the damage, fill out the forms, and send in all the required documentation to the insurance company. From there, the adjuster will hire a contractor to take care of the damage, and then oversee the process to make sure the repairs are done properly. Texas law prohibits public adjusters from participating in the repairs themselves, so a contractor needs to handle the repairs. Once the contractor completes the repairs, an adjuster checks with the homeowner to make sure they’ve taken care of all the details, and then the work is done.

Dealing with a public adjuster can make the claims process so much easier for most homeowners. Since homeowners only deal with their insurance policy when they need it, the verbiage can be confusing. A public adjuster reads those policies regularly, and they’re familiar with most local and big name insurance policies, as well. Their expertise can help close a claim quickly.

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