5 Ways Public Adjusters Speed Up Insurance Claims

Every day, public adjusters across the United States use proven strategies to speed up insurance claims. Public adjusters take over tedious tasks, help with documenting damage, and negotiate with the insurer on your behalf to speed up an insurance claim.

Public Adjuster Working on Insurance Claim

Are you curious about hiring a public adjuster for your insurance claim? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about how public adjusters speed up insurance claims.

Help Organize Documentation

Public adjusters know exactly what insurance companies need to see to process your claim. They know the paperwork, receipts, photos, and videos needed to process your claim and secure the highest possible payout.

One of a public adjuster’s main roles is to help organize documentation related to your claim.

Many public adjusters used to work for insurance companies, so they know what insurance companies need to see.

As an ordinary homeowner, you probably have no idea what insurance companies want to see with your claim. You might send documentation back and forth to your insurance company, delaying your claim by months.

Many insurers take advantage of your inexperience, demanding excessive amounts of evidence for damages that will never be covered. Every time you turn in additional information, your insurance company has another 15 days to review that information before either accepting or denying it, thereby delaying your claim and your payment again.

A public adjuster can examine your claim, determine the evidence needed to prove that claim and maximize its value, organize that documentation in a coherent way, and send it all to the insurance company.

Negotiating with the Insurer on Your Behalf

Public adjusters also speed up claims by negotiating with the insurer on your behalf.

As an ordinary homeowner, you probably don’t know how to negotiate with your insurance company. You don’t know when to push, how much to ask for, or where the insurance company has room to negotiate.

Public adjusters, however, do have this expertise. They know the areas where insurance companies have some wiggle room – and they know exactly how to maximize the value of your claim.
Ultimately, a good negotiator speeds up insurance claims by achieving an optimal resolution on your behalf as soon as possible.

Keeping Bad Faith Insurers Accountable

Public adjusters keep insurers accountable.

They work full-time on your claim, frequently contacting your insurer to ensure your claim is proceeding as quickly and smoothly as possible. They can quote statutes and codes that keep your insurance company within the given timelines for a speedy process.

Insurance companies have an obligation to respond to you within a reasonable length of time.

Despite this requirement, many insurers drag their feet, demand excessive amounts of evidence, and perform other actions in bad faith – all of which can delay your insurance claim.

Overseeing Estimates & Repairs

Public adjusters also oversee the process of repairing damage to your property. They organize estimates, oversee the repair process, and ensure everything is going according to plan.

The goal of an insurance claim is to repair your property to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.

However, some contractors cut corners, using cheaper parts to lower costs. Or, insurers may reduce payout, offering to only pay for some damage because of exclusion within your policy.

By overseeing estimates and repairs, a public adjuster can:

  1. Ensure your property damage is effectively repaired to pre-loss condition
  2. Speed up the repair process without compromising the quality of repairs

Securing More Money for Your Claim for Faster Post-Claim Recovery

Public adjusters don’t just speed up your insurance claim. They also speed up your life post-claim by increasing your initial payout, making life easier in the days and weeks following a claim.

A good public adjuster could double or even triple the initial settlement offer from your insurance company. That means more money to pay your contractors and cover additional living expenses when you need it most.

After a claim, you may be dealing with additional headaches. There are often many expenses from moving, replacing daily living items and reorganizing your family or business to accommodate the loss. The extra money from your insurance claim, generated by your public adjuster, can make your life easier after a claim by finding coverage in your policy to cover these unexpected expenses.

You’ll have more money to cover the protection of your business, home or personal items, emergency expenses, additional repairs not covered by insurance, and other complications. Extra money always makes things easier – especially after a major home insurance claim.

Slowing Down the Claim to Ensure Nothing is Missed

Public adjusters don’t always want to speed up your insurance claim.

In fact, home insurance companies often want to speed up insurance claims to close your case as quickly as possible. The faster the insurer closes a claim, the cheaper the claim tends to be.

That’s why good public adjusters focus more on speeding up a complete claim. They organize all facts, analyze all damage, and present all evidence to your insurer to obtain the highest possible settlement on behalf of clients.

A fast resolution is nice. However, most clients are happy to wait a few extra days or weeks for extra compensation. Yes, public adjusters speed up claims, but they don’t speed up claims just for the sake of it. They fight to ensure you receive every penny owed to you by your insurer.

Public Adjusters Optimize the Claim from Start to Finish

Overall, a good public adjuster speeds up a claim by optimizing the claim from start to finish.
Using their insurance industry expertise, public adjusters provide the evidence insurers need to see to justify your claim. Then, they continue to contact your insurer frequently to ensure your claim is processed as quickly as possible.

A public adjuster can speed up your insurance claim and help you get paid as soon as possible – without compromising on your payout.

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