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Dealing with property claims and insurance companies can be a cumbersome nightmare for some homeowners. Insurance companies hide the specifics of a policy beneath a mountain of legal text that is difficult to read through, and sometimes homeowners miss important points that get their claims denied. Even when an insurance company lends you one of their staff adjusters to help with your claim, their job is still to look out for the insurance company.


Homeowners have another option to help them through a claims process. They can hire a public adjuster, which is just like a staff adjuster except they work for the insured rather than the insurance company. Their job is to make sure the homeowner’s bottom line is intact, and that the needed repairs move forward. The public adjuster deals with the insurance company from start to finish, so the homeowner doesn’t have to be involved with that part at all.

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Abilene residents see a lot of claims for wind, hail, and ice damage and many of them have had insurance premium hikes over the last several years as a result. It’s important to most homeowners that when they file a claim, it gets paid out. Hiring a public adjuster is a step in that direction. Homeowners only deal with insurance claims when something happens to their property, but public adjusters deal with insurance claims all day, every day as part of their business. They are experts, and rightly so.

Most public adjusters charge 10% of the insurance claim payout for their services. If the claim isn’t paid out, then the adjuster will discuss their fees in that scenario. Some Arlington adjusters prefer to use a flat rate structure that their clients pay up front, but many stick with the industry standard payment structure. Contact an Arlington public adjuster and find out how easy a claim process can really be.

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