What Does a Commercial Claims Adjuster Do?

A commercial claims adjuster is an insurance industry professional employed by an insurance company to investigate business-related claims.

Commercial Insurance Adjuster

When a business makes an insurance claim, the business works with the insurance company’s adjuster to resolve the claim. The commercial claims adjuster analyzes the claim, determines how coverage applies, and authorizes payout.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about commercial claims adjusters.

What is a Commercial Claims Adjuster?

A commercial claims adjuster is a salaried employee or contractor who works for an insurance company.

The primary role of a commercial claims adjuster is to investigate claims involving commercial businesses.

If a business loses a property to a fire, for example, the insurer sends a commercial claims adjuster to the location. The adjuster investigates damage, explains the next steps, collects evidence, and acts as a liaison between the policyholder and the insurance company throughout the claim.

Commercial Claims Adjuster Roles & Responsibilities

Some of the duties of a commercial claims adjuster include:

  • Investigate commercial insurance claims
  • Determine how damage occurred and whether or not it was a covered peril
  • Analyze how the policyholder’s commercial policy covers the incident
  • Collect visual evidence with on-site inspections
  • View incident reports and collect interviews, if necessary
  • Make decisions about payouts while acting as liaison between the policyholder and insurance company

Commercial Claims Adjuster Salary

According to Zip Recruiter, the average commercial claims adjuster in the United States, as of 2024, makes $64,609 per year or $31 per hour.

Salaries vary nationwide. According to the same dataset, commercial claims adjusters make anywhere from $51,000 to $75,500, depending on location and experience.

In job postings shared online, commercial claims adjuster salaries range from lows of $30,500 to highs of $90,000.

Commercial Claims Adjusters vs. Public Adjusters

There are two types of adjusters in the insurance industry:

  • Claims adjusters, who work for insurance companies as salaried employees or contractors
  • Public adjusters, who work for policyholders

The two types of insurance adjusters represent different sides of an insurance claim and have different goals:

  • A claims adjuster’s goal is typically to resolve the claim as quickly as possible while limiting their employer’s liability and payout. In many cases, they want to pay as little for your commercial claim as legally possible.
  • A public adjuster’s goal is to represent the policyholder in the claim. The public adjuster analyzes damage and the insurance policy, then negotiates with the insurer to ensure the policyholder receives the maximum possible amount of compensation for the claim. They also conduct extensive work on the claim – from organizing documentation to supervising repairs.

What Types of Claims Do Commercial Claims Adjusters Handle?

Commercial claims adjusters handle all types of business insurance claims.

Business insurance claims could include anything from burglary claims to water damage to business interruption claims.

Here are some of the most common types of claims a commercial claims adjuster may handle:

  • Burglary and theft claims, which account for roughly 20% of all small business insurance claims nationwide
  • Water, storm, wind, or fire damage claims
  • Customer injury and liability claims
  • Commercial auto accident claims
  • Reputational damage claims
  • Business interruption claims

Some commercial claims adjusters specialize in one area of the industry. They might work for an insurer that only offers small business insurance, for example.

Tips for Dealing with a Commercial Claims Adjuster

If you’re a business owner, then there’s a good chance you will deal with a commercial claims adjuster at some point during your career.

Your ability to work with a commercial claims adjuster could influence the future of your business. A good claim experience could mean significantly more money to recover after a loss.

Here are some of the tips for dealing with a commercial claims adjuster:

Understand Commercial Claims Adjusters Are Trained Negotiators: Commercial claims adjusters are licensed insurance industry professionals who represent for-profit businesses. They’re not charities, nor are they your friends. Instead, they’re trained negotiators. Their goal is most likely to close your commercial claim quickly while limiting liability for their employer. Despite what catchy insurance taglines may claim, insurance companies are not on your side.

Both Sides Are Legally Obligated to Communicate in a Timely Manner: The commercial claims adjuster must communicate with you in a timely manner. You have the same obligation. Some states have specific timeframes for this communication, while others simply require communication to be “timely.” Your commercial claims adjuster cannot ignore you, and you cannot ignore your claims adjuster. If your claims adjuster is dragging their feet or failing to respond, then the insurer could be acting in bad faith.

Be Careful of Everything You Say & Write to the Commercial Claims Adjuster: Insurance companies can and will use your own words against you. Everything you text, email, or speak to your commercial claims adjuster could be used against you. Keep statements neutral. Avoid providing more information than required. If you don’t feel comfortable answering a question, then don’t answer it unless you’ve hired a public adjuster or an attorney. If in doubt, you can always just state “I am not sure. Let me get back with you regarding that.”

Consider Hiring a Public Adjuster or Attorney to Speed Up Claims, Increase Payout, & Reduce Stress: A public adjuster or an attorney can help manage your claim from start to finish, working hard to ensure an optimal outcome. Many businesses hire public adjusters or attorneys to navigate complex commercial insurance claims. These professionals deal with the commercial claims adjuster while representing your business’s best interests. They can help overturn denied claims and ensure you receive every penny owed to you.

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Final Word: ClaimsMate’s Public Adjusters Specialize in Commercial Claims

ClaimsMate has a team of public adjusters specializing in commercial insurance claims.

A good public adjuster can overturn a denied claim and achieve a higher payout. Many businesses find it worthwhile to hire a public adjuster for complex or high-value claims.

Public adjusters also deal with commercial claims adjusters on your behalf, representing your best interests.

Schedule a no-cost consultation with a ClaimsMate public adjuster today to discover the best path forward for your commercial insurance claim.

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