Hiring An Attorney Versus Hiring a Public Adjuster For An Insurance Claim

Some people hire an attorney when dealing with a problematic insurance claim. Others choose to hire a loss adjuster, also referred to as a private claims adjuster or public adjuster. Which option is right for you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a public loss adjuster or an attorney?

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How A Public Adjuster Helps

Before answering the question above, we’ll start with the basics. What does a loss adjuster do? How do they help settle your insurance claim?

A public loss adjuster’s goal is to assess property damage, analyze your insurance policy, then negotiate with your insurance company to reach a fair settlement.

Some of the specific tasks performed by a public adjuster include:

  • Assessing property damage and analyzing your claim
  • Quantifying damages and the monetary value of your claim
  • Preparing estimates of the damages and required repairs
  • Helping the policyholder make the claim to the insurance company
  • Presenting damage claims to the insurance company and negotiating with the insurance company on behalf of the policyholder


Insurance Adjuster Discussing ClaimTypically, policyholders will hire a public loss adjuster when they wish to achieve the maximum possible settlement from their insurance company. Sometimes, a policyholder will hire a public adjuster after the insurance company offers shockingly low compensation. An adjuster can prepare your claim to ensure it has the best possible chance of being successful.

How Can an Attorney Enhance My Insurance Claim?

A policyholder will typically hire an attorney for a more complicated or expensive insurance claim. You might hire an attorney when an insurance company is completely denying your costly claim, for example.

In many cases, your attorney will work in tandem with your adjuster. Policyholders may receive the best possible outcomes by hiring both a public loss adjuster and an attorney.

Remember: many attorneys have no interest in working on minor property damage claim disputes. Unless your dispute involves a significant sum of money, you might struggle to find an attorney interested in taking your case. Nevertheless, most attorneys offer free consultations to determine if you can benefit from their services.

Hire A Public Adjuster First, Then Consider Getting an Attorney Involved If a Problem Arises

The end result boils down to this: you should typically hire a public adjuster before hiring an attorney. A public adjuster can walk you through the early stages of your insurance claim. An adjuster can fight for higher compensation on your behalf and ensure you get the maximum possible compensation.

If you’re satisfied with the outcome provided by your public adjuster, then there’s no need to hire an attorney. Accept your insurance company’s final offer and move on.

However, if you’re unsatisfied with the outcome, then it may be in your best interests to hire an attorney. You might hire an attorney if your insurance company completely denies your claim, for example, or if the negotiation process has stopped moving forward. An attorney can review the situation and determine the best way to proceed. Sometimes, legal intervention is required. In other cases, it’s unnecessary.

Conclusion: Public Loss Adjusters Can Easily Handle Most Claims, But Attorneys May Be Beneficial in Complex or Expensive Disputes

A public adjuster is a talented and experienced professional that acts as the first line of defense between you and your insurance company. The adjuster can negotiate with your company to achieve the highest possible settlement. They’re experts at reviewing insurance documentation and damage claims and then securing adequate compensation for their clients.

Attorneys, meanwhile, are legal professionals who are rarely interested in minor property damage claims. They typically only get involved in larger insurance disputes – like complex or expensive claims disputes.

Ultimately, both public adjusters and attorneys often offer free consultations – so you have nothing to lose. Contact a loss adjuster through ClaimsMate today to discover how an experienced, professional claims adjuster can fight for higher compensation on your behalf.

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