How to Pick the Right Public Insurance Adjuster

Public adjusters help you maximize your insurance policy and fight back against bullying insurance agencies. They work hard to give you the money you’re legally owed according to your policy.
But like in any profession, public adjusters vary widely in terms of quality. Here’s how to easily pick the perfect insurance adjuster for your unique situation.

Choosing A Public Adjuster

Look for Licensing

Public adjusters are legally required to be licensed in almost every state in America. Unfortunately, in the real world, not all public adjusters are licensed.

For that reason, the first and most important thing to look for when picking a public insurance adjuster is verify their state licensing. Some public adjusters will try to obfuscate their licensing by claiming they work under the license of another individual or firm – which means they haven’t been individually qualified and credentialed.

Know Which Questions to Ask

You may hire a public insurance adjuster just once in your life. For that reason, many people have no idea which questions to ask when researching public adjusters. Here are a few intelligent questions to get you started:

-Can I see your state public adjuster license?

-Can you give me references for claims you have personally handled in the last 3 years? Call these references and ask if they’re confident the public adjuster gave them the best possible result, and that the representative answered all their questions throughout the adjustment process.

-How much is your contingency fee? Most insurance adjusters work on contingency fees ranging from 5% to 15% of the money paid by the insurer on your claim. These fees are capped in some states, but they’re always negotiable. Don’t be afraid to negotiate a lower contingency fee if you have a large settlement that could lead to a big payday for your adjuster.

-What’s your professional education and training?

-Am I talking to the actual individual who will handle my claim? Or am I talking to a sales rep who will just pass off my claim to another adjuster or public adjuster company?

Adjusters with Insurance Agency Backgrounds

Some of the world’s best public adjusters have previously worked for insurance agencies. These public adjusters have worked at both sides of the negotiation table. This gives them an enormous advantage when they’re negotiating with your insurance agency. Insurance policies and insurance claims can be extremely complicated and confusing. The more experience an adjuster has the better.

Contact ClaimsMate For Help

ClaimsMate helps policyholders who are dealing with property damage insurance claims. As a Texas based company we provide public adjusting services across the state of Texas along with helpful insurance claim information and the goal to make it easier than ever to find a public adjuster in your area.

There are few things as stressful and time-consuming as filing an insurance claim after a disaster. Many homeowners simply avoid negotiating with their insurance agency because they want to avoid the hassle.

With public adjusters, you get someone who will fight to increase your insurance claim on your behalf. Your legwork is minimal – and you can ensure that you obtain the full amount you are owed under the terms of your insurance policy.

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