Public Adjusters for Commercial Insurance Claims

Commercial Fire Insurance Claim

Commercial insurance claims are tricky. ClaimsMate Public Adjusters makes them simple. Get the compensation you are owed – and restore your business quickly.

How ClaimsMate Helps With Commercial Claims

Experienced Public Insurance Adjusters fight to ensure business owners get a correct and just settlement after a commercial loss.

With local adjusters and personalized service, we provide creative solutions to commercial insurance claim issues.

ClaimsMate will control the investigation, dispute coverage issues, settle business interruption claims, and negotiate the best settlement.

How Commercial Insurance Claims Work

You buy commercial insurance to cover unexpected events. When catastrophe occurs, you expect your insurer to be there.

Unfortunately, many insurers aren’t there when needed most. They might deny your claim, reduce your payout, or confuse you using hidden terms.

ClaimsMate can help. We understand the strategies used by commercial insures – and we know how to fight back.

Remember: insurance companies want to pay you the lowest amount for your claim as legally possible. They’re for-profit business – not charities.

Your business can’t afford to lose money to greedy insurance companies. Schedule a free consultation with ClaimsMate today to optimize your insurance claim.

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Commercial Insurance Claim Tips

Business Destroyed By FireA single insurance claim can make or break a business. So handling a commercial insurance claim properly to get the claim settlement you deserve can be crucial. Commercial claims are typically quite complex with many parties involved and several aspects of the business claim to consider. Here are some tips to optimize your commercial insurance claim:

  • Review Coverage Periodically: Many commercial businesses are underinsured. Experts recommend reviewing insurance needs and comparing policies every two years. Your business changes and so do your insurance needs.
  • Take Inventory and Document Everything: Take an inventory of all materials affected. Protect all documents and copies related to the incident. Take photos. If the police made a report for the incident, make sure you have any photos and documents collected by police.
  • Hire a Loss Management Team: For larger claims or complex businesses, you may want to hire a loss management team. A loss management team may include a lawyer, a professional loss specialist, and a forensic accountant. A commercial insurance claim could be worth millions. Loss management specialists could help.
  • Get Multiple Estimates from Contractors: Contractors can estimate the cost of repairing damage to your commercial business. Your insurer may claim it costs $100,000 to repair the damage, for example, when local contractors tell you it will cost $150,000. Get multiple estimates to ensure an accurate price point.
  • Hire Professional Help: Most business owners only make one major insurance claim in their life. You’re inexperienced – and that’s okay. Hire professional help for your insurance claim. Otherwise, insurers prey on this inexperience with low offers and confusing terms. A public adjuster or commercial insurance attorney could triple the compensation you receive.
Get Help for Your Commercial Insurance Claim

ClaimsMate’s public adjusters can help with your commercial insurance claim. At ClaimsMate, our public adjusters have decades of experience handling tricky insurance claims.

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Our public adjusters can:

  1. Dispute coverage issues and denials
  2. Settle a business interruption claim
  3. Dispute actual cash value
  4. Manage the investigation
  5. Negotiate the best settlement

By hiring a commercial public adjuster, businesses typically get a claim settlement that is much larger than the one initially offered by the insurance company.

Schedule a free consultation with ClaimsMate today to discover the best commercial public adjusters in your area.

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