How Public Adjusters Help When Disaster Strikes

Public adjusters are insurance claim professionals who can increase the size of your settlement significantly. But how do public adjusters actually help when disaster strikes? Here’s what you need to know before hiring a public adjuster.

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Most Homeowners Only Have a Vague Idea of What Their Home Insurance Covers

Let’s be honest: you probably don’t know your home insurance policy as well as you should know it. The truth is: most homeowners don’t know their insurance policy very well at all.

Sure, you might have a vague idea of what your insurance covers. Public adjusters, on the other hand, will know the specific details. They’ll know where to look to find the nuances of your policy. They’re insurance experts.

They’re Independent and Not Affiliated with your Insurance Company

One of the reasons people get confused about public adjusters is that insurance companies will often hire their own “independent adjusters” to research your claim.
Those independent adjusters, of course, aren’t truly independent. They’re being paid by the insurance company. Their job is to represent the interests of the company first, and your interests second.

As The Wall Street Journal explains,

“…when a customer files a claim it’s not uncommon for independent adjuster to tell the homeowner that certain claims aren’t valid due to certain clauses or omissions in their insurance coverage. And homeowners, already distraught due to the disaster, don’t have the desire to argue with the insurance company representatives’ estimate of their loss.”

Insurance agencies are for-profit companies. They have a responsibility to make money. It’s in their best interests to pay you as little money as you’re legally entitled – and that’s exactly what they try to do with every claim.

When you hire a public adjuster, they’re not linked to the insurance company in any way. They’re obviously not independent either: they’re working on behalf of you. You pay them, and they help you fight back against the insurance industry.

Good Public Adjusters Are Extremely Thorough

The public adjuster’s job is to examine every word in your policy and frame that policy against your current disaster or claim.

In short, it’s in the public adjuster’s job description to be extremely thorough. Thoroughness is what separates good public adjusters from average ones. Only by thoroughly examining your policy can the adjuster identify the areas of strength and weakness you can use to leverage your insurance company for the full compensation you’re legally owed.

Many of Them Are Veteran Insurance Company Claims Adjusters

Some of the best public adjusters come from a background in insurance company claims adjustment.

These professionals have worked for insurance companies for decades before deciding to work for “the other side”.

This means they know how insurance companies operate. They also have expertise in negotiating property claims to make sure you get the most out of your policy – after all, they’ve worked at both sides of the negotiation table.

Ultimately, your insurance policy is filled with tricky “legalese” and insurance language. Most insurance users aren’t qualified to fully understand these policies. Insurance adjusters are.

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