The Best Tips for Dealing With Insurance Adjusters Infographic

Best Tips For Dealing With Insurance Adjusters Infographic

Your insurance adjuster plays a big role in your claim. For a better payout, practice these tips.


What is an Insurance Adjuster?

An insurance adjuster is an employee or independent contractor working for your insurance company.

After you file a claim, the adjuster will arrive on scene to assess the damage. The adjuster analyzes damage, determines the validity of your claim, and authorizes emergency repairs and payouts.

Insurance Adjusters vs. Public Adjusters

  • Insurance adjusters represent your insurance company’s best interests and bottom line. Insurance companies generally want to pay as little for claims as legally possible.
  • Public Adjusters work for you – not your insurance company. You hire a Public Adjuster to manage your claim, solve disputes, and obtain higher, adequate payouts.

Tips for Dealing With Your Insurance Adjuster

  • Avoid giving a recorded statement
  • Avoid speaking to the adjuster unless necessary
  • Avoid signing any documents from the adjuster until you understand everything in the document
  • Don’t settle your insurance claim too quickly
  • Understand you can deny the first offer
  • Don’t be afraid to say no to a low payout or a denied claim
  • Document interactions (phone conversations, in-person chats) with the insurance adjuster, including the date and topics discussed
  • Consider hiring a Public Adjuster or attorney to avoid being taken advantage of
  • Be honest with your Public Adjuster
  • Respond to requests within a reasonable length of time

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Top 3 Ways to Ensure a Smooth Insurance Claim

Insurance adjusters might be friendly, but they’re not your friend. Practice the following tips to ensure a smooth insurance claim and the highest possible payout.

Understand You Have the Upper Hand: Insurance adjusters deal with several claims each week. You have the upper hand because you only have one claim to handle. Be the expert of your own claim, and leverage that expert knowledge to ensure you receive the payout you deserve.

Make Sure the Insurer Acts in Good Faith: By law, your insurance adjuster needs to act in good faith. The insurance adjuster can’t take too long to respond, nor can they drag their feet on your claim. If your adjuster is acting in bad faith, you can file a complaint with your state’s department of insurance.

Hire a Professional: Some insurance adjusters take advantage of your inexperience. Hire a professional Public Adjuster to show you mean business. A Public Adjuster represents your best interests and pushes for the highest possible payout. That could mean thousands of extra dollars for your claim.

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