Smoke Damage Insurance Claim Tips Infographic

Smoke Damage Insurance Claim Tips Infographic

Smoke damage is surprisingly expensive. Here’s how to maximize smoke claim settlements.


Smoke Damage Insurance Claim Costs

Even if firefighters quickly extinguish a fire, smoke can cause extensive damage. Worse, smoke quickly travels throughout your home, causing damage far from the fire’s original location.

  • National Average Cost: $12,000
  • Average Range: $3,000 to $35,500
  • Other Costs (Soot, Chemical, and Water Damage): $1,500 to $50,000
  • Average Fire Restoration Cleanup Costs: $16,000

How Smoke Damage Restoration Works

Smoke damage restoration companies use proven techniques to eliminate smoke damage from your home and possessions. They can restore or repair some items, but they need to replace or destroy other items.

  • Thermal Fogging Treatment: $550 to $1,550
  • Ozone Treatment: $400 to $1,800

How to Maximize Smoke Insurance Claim Payout

Insurers generally push for the cheapest payout. They typically want to pay you as little for your claim as legally possible.

To maximize smoke insurance claim settlements, follow these tips:

  • Document Damage Thoroughly: Your insurer may require photos, videos, receipts, time and dates of loss, descriptions of damaged contents, and other information after a loss. After securing the scene, document the damage.
  • Understand What’s Covered (Flame, Smoke, Ash, and Soot Damage): Homeowners insurance covers fire damage and all related costs, including flame, smoke, ash, and soot damage. Your insurer will pay to replace or repair anything in your home damaged by the fire.
  • Track Additional Living Expenses (ALE): You may need to leave your home during smoke restoration. That could mean paying for a hotel, meals out, toiletries, and other expenses. Homeowners insurance covers all of these additional living expenses. Keep receipts to maximize payout.
  • Get a Second Opinion: Insurers may claim the smoke damage isn’t bad. They might claim there’s no damage to the home outside of the initial fire area. Get a second opinion and if needed, dispute your insurer. It’s your right as a policyholder.

See more tips for dealing with Smoke Damage Claims Here.

How Public Adjusters Help

Public adjusters help with smoke damage insurance claims by:

  • Negotiating with your insurer on your behalf for a higher payout
  • Providing a second opinion with your best interests in mind
  • Analyzing your smoke damage insurance claim to spot all damage
  • Pushing for the highest possible payout from your insurer using proven strategies
  • Expertly managing your claim from start to finish using their years of experience

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Get a higher payout for your smoke insurance claim. Or, get a second opinion. Contact ClaimsMate today to talk to an experienced public adjuster.

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