Smoke Damage Estimates & Restoration Costs Infographic

Smoke Damage Estimates & Restoration Costs Infographic

How much does it cost to recover from smoke damage?


Smoke Restoration Cost

Fire damage is easy to notice. Unfortunately, smoke damage is trickier. Smoke can spread throughout your home, traveling far from the source of the fire.

Insurers push for the cheapest option. They want to repair visible damage. But they may not look beneath the surface to spot smoke damage.

Smoke damage can add $10,000+ to your insurance claim. Smoke damage can travel through your HVAC system to reach far corners of your home. Some homeowners don’t spot smoke damage until months or years after the fire.

National Average Cost: $12,000
Average Range: $3,000 to $35,500
Thermal Fogging Treatment: $550 to $1,550
Ozone Treatment: $400 to $1,800

How Does Smoke Damage Work?

Smoke is made from carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ash, and chemicals. The chemical composition of smoke varies depending on what was burned.

Regardless of its composition, smoke travels easily and sticks to things. Even after a small fire, you might have extensive smoke damage.

Smoke is positively charged, which means it’s naturally attracted to metal and synthetic materials. Couches, rugs, carpets, and other flat surfaces could be covered in smoke.
Depending on the layout of your home, smoke damage could travel to surprising places. It could travel through your heating and air condition (HVAC) system, for example. It could reach upstairs bedrooms.

Downsides of Ignoring Smoke Damage

You can’t afford to ignore smoke. If not properly cleaned, smoke damage can lead to serious issues. Ignoring smoke damage can lead to:

  • Health problems, including breathing problems, lung disorders, and even death
  • A persistent smoky smell throughout your home that never goes away
  • Soot and ash on possessions, furniture, and fabrics
  • Thousands of dollars in extra repair costs

Other Costs of Smoke Damage Restoration

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Depending on the incident, a smoke damage insurance claim could carry thousands of extra repair costs.

  • Burnt Material Removal: $2,500 to $4,000
  • Soot Damage: $4,500 to $15,000
  • Chemical Damage: $1,500 to $17,500
  • Water Damage: $2,500 to $50,000
  • Structural Damage: $17,000 to $250,000+

Fortunately, insurance should cover all of these costs. All home insurance policies cover fire damage and smoke damage.

Document damage, hire a public adjuster, and get a second opinion to ensure you get the fair settlement you deserve for a smoke damage restoration claim.

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