How Public Adjusters Help With Fire Insurance Claims Infographic

How Public Adjusters Help With Fire Insurance Claims Infographic

Public Adjusters use proven strategies to increase your insurance payout


Estimating Fire Damage Costs

One of the hardest parts of a fire claim is estimating damage. Your insurer could decide on one number. Restoration contractors may provide different estimates. All of these estimates could be lower than you expected.

  • National Average Cost: $78,000
  • Average Range: $40,000 to $350,000
  • Cost Per Square Foot: $5.50 to $12.00
  • Smoke Damage Restoration Cost: $3,000 to $35,500
  • Other Costs (Soot, Water, and Chemical Damage): $1,500 to $50,000

How A Fire Claim Works

No two fire claims are alike. However, they follow similar steps.

  1. A fire starts in your home or nearby.
  2. You secure the scene and report the loss to your insurer.
  3. Your insurance company’s adjuster assesses the damage.
  4. A contractor completes repairs.
  5. Your insurer covers the repairs and other costs.

How Public Adjusters Help with Fire Damage Claims

Public adjusters perform several crucial roles to speed up claims, increase payout, and ensure homeowners like you get the compensation they are owed for fire insurance claims.

  • Expert Assistance: Public adjusters are experienced insurance industry professionals who lend expert assistance to your insurance claim.
  • Second Opinion: Your insurance company wants the cheapest option. With a public adjuster, you get a second opinion that represents your best interests.
  • Professional Negotiator: Insurers negotiate to pay the lowest amount legally possible. Public adjusters fight back on your behalf: they’re professional negotiators who use proven strategies for a higher payout.
  • Complete Claim Management: Public adjusters use their expertise to manage your insurance claim from start to finish – from initial estimates to final payout.

Get in touch with an experienced Public Adjuster for fire damage claims.

Case Study: House Fire in Suburban San Antonio

A homeowner in the suburbs of San Antonio received a call at work that her house was on fire. An electrical surge started a fire in her kitchen. A neighbor called 911, and firefighters prevented the fire from spreading to the rest of the home.

The insurance company offered a payout of $34,000 to restore and repair the kitchen damage. The homeowner disagreed and hired a public adjuster to get additional compensation.

The public adjuster identified additional smoke and soot damage throughout the property and argued for additional coverage. The insurer ultimately paid around $70,000 for the claim – more than twice the original offer – because of the public adjuster.

Public Adjusters are available to help with your insurance claim

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